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Understanding the Financial Report of the United States Government

Categories: Govt Finance

Explains the purpose of each Financial Report component and provides illustrations of the kinds of significant information found in the Report.  Last issued in 2009, this version updates the guide to conform to changes in federal accounting standards.  From the Government Accountability Office


Annual Energy Outlook 2018 with Projections to 2050

Categories: Energy,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Offers projections of U.S. energy markets in the near future with strong domestic production and flat domestic energy demand leading to more U.S. energy exports.  From the Energy Information Administration


Draft Interagency Report on Status of International Cybersecurity Standardization for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Categories: Science/Technology,Telecommunications/Internet

Describes five IoT technology application areas and the status of international cybersecurity standards in these areas.  From the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the U.S. Department of Commerce


Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Homeland Security,Russia,Spying/Intelligence

Discusses U.S. intelligence agencies’ findings on Russian activities to influence and manipulate U.S. election results.  From the Central Intelligence Agency, FBI, and National Security Agency.


Congressional Task Force on Election Security: Final Report

Categories: Uncategorized

A Democratic Party congressional group that worked together with outside election and national security experts to identify policy recommendations to fortify the U.S. election system, guard against future foreign attacks, and restore voter confidence in democratic institutions.

Full-Time Graduate Enrollment in Science and Engineering Continues to Grow in 2016 Due to Increased Enrollment by Foreign Students on Temporary Visas

Categories: Education-Higher,Science/Technology,Statistics

Finds that enrollment in graduate science and engineering courses continues to increase due to foreign student enrollments, while full-time graduate enrollment in such programs by U.S. citizens declined for the fifth consecutive year.  From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation


Expenditures of the Aged Chartbook, 2015

Categories: Elderly,Income/Poverty,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Examines the expenditures of those mostly 65 or older to determine the adequacy of economic resources of the elderly. Shows how expenditures are distributed by total income and by expenditure categories.   From the Social Security Administration


Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community: Statement for the Record

Categories: Crime/Justice,Defense/Military,Homeland Security,Russia,Telecommunications/Internet,Terrorism,WMD—Unclassified-SSCI.pdf

Covers terrorism, transnational organized crime, cyber threats, WMD, and emerging, disruptive technologies.  Also covers threats by regions of the world.  From the Office of the Director of National Intelligence


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