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Fast Facts and Figures About Social Security 2017

Categories: Elderly,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Highlights data on the most important aspects of the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Programs, including the people they serve and the benefits they provide.  From the Social Security Administration


CIA Analysis of the Soviet Navy

Categories: Communism,Defense/Military,History,Russia,Spying/Intelligence

A collection of declassified documents spanning three decades from the 1960s to the 1980s on U.S. intelligence analysis of the evolving Soviet Navy and its military posture during the Cold War.  From the Central Intelligence Agency


Library of Congress Recommended Formats Statement 2017-2018

Categories: Libraries/Museums

Identifies formats suitable for large-scale acquisition and preservation of creative materials in six large categories: Textual Works and Musical Compositions, Still Image Works, Audio Works, Moving Image Works, Software and Electronic Gaming/Learning, and Datasets/Databases.  From the Library of Congress


Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks on DACA

Categories: Headlines,Immigration/Migration

Text of speech by the Attorney General which announces the cessation of the program, created by executive order under President Obama, which allowed illegal immigrants, brought into the country as children, to receive a renewable legal status.  Also presents arguments for opposing the program.  From the Justice Department


College Applications of 2009 High School Freshmen: Differences by Race/Ethnicity

Categories: African Americans,Asian Americans,Education-Higher,Native Americans,Statistics

Finds that Asian/Pacific Islander students had the highest percentage of postsecondary applicants at 91% and American Indian/Alaska Native students had the lowest at 63%.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


Unmarried Men’s Contraceptive Use at Recent Sexual Intercourse: United States, 2011-2015

Categories: Abortion/Contraception,Health/Medical,Statistics

Describes contraceptive use practices of unmarried men who are sexually active, including various male methods of contraception.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


Sleep Duration and Quality Among Women Aged 40-59 by Menopausal Status

Categories: Health/Medical,Statistics,Women

Examines sleep problems of women in the pre-menopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal stages.  Finds that women in the menopausal stage were most likely to sleep less than 7 hours on average in a 24 hour period than other women. From the National Center for Health Statistics


Infant Mortality Rates in Rural and Urban Areas in the United States, 2014

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics

Finds that infant mortality rates decrease as urbanization levels increase.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


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