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National Electric Grid Security and Resilience Action Plan

Categories: Energy,Homeland Security,Presidency,Science/Technology

Outlines a plan to protect the U.S. electricity grid, manage contingencies that might interfere with the operation of the grid, enhance response and recovery efforts, and build a more secure future electric grid.  From the Executive Office of the President


Joint United States – Canada Electric Grid Security and Resilience Strategy

Categories: Canada,Energy,Homeland Security,Presidency,Science/Technology

Outlines a joint strategy of the U.S. and Canadian governments to strengthen the security and resilience of the two countries’ electricity grids from all adversarial, technological, and natural hazards and threats.  From the Executive Office of the President


Census Bureau Projects U.S. and World Populations on New Year’s Day

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics

Estimates the U.S. population at 324,310,011 on New Year’s Day and the world population at 7,362,350,168.  The U.S. experiences one birth every 8 seconds, one death every 11 seconds, and one new immigrant every 33 seconds.  The combination means one new person in the U.S. every 17 seconds.  From the Census Bureau


International Trade and Finance: Overview and Issues for the 115th Congress

Categories: Congress,Foreign Trade/Investment,Treaties

Reviews major actions on international trade by the 114th Congress and major issues to be considered by the 115th Congress including the effect of international trade agreements on U.S. jobs and the economy, the future of U.S. trade policy with Asia and Europe, and whether to renegotiate or withdraw from existing trade agreements such as NAFTA.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy

Categories: Business/Economics,Homeland Security,Telecommunications/Internet

Final report of a presidential commission charged with developing recommendations for strengthening cybersecurity in the public and private sectors.  Offers 16 recommendations built around six “major imperatives.”  From the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity


Review of the Unauthorized Disclosures of Former National Security Agency Contractor Edward Snowden

Categories: Congress,Govt Secrecy,Headlines,Spying/Intelligence,Telecommunications/Internet

Completed in September 2016 but released to the public in unclassified form in December 2016.  Reviews how the Snowden disclosures occurred, what the U.S. government knows about the man who released the information, and whether the security shortfalls have been remedied.  From the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence