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Advisory Circular: Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Categories: Headlines,Laws/Regulations

Final regulations relating to the use of  sUAS or drones.  The regulations, restricting flights to 400 feet or less during daytime,  are focused on the hobbyist flyer and not commercial applications.  From the Federal Aviation Administtration


Refugee Law and Policy

Describes the law and policy on refugees and other asylum seekers in 22 countries and the European Union.  Includes laws and regulations governing the admission of refugees, processes for handling them, assistance provided to them, requirements for naturalization, and whether policies have been affected by recent emergencies.  From the Law Library of the Library of Congress


OECD Regions at a Glance 2016

Categories: Brazil,Business/Economics,China,Colombia,Govt Finance,Income/Poverty,India,Labor/Employment,Russia;jsessionid=7s8b68lnsf237.x-oecd-live-02

Updates more than 40 region-by-region indicators to assess economic disparities among countries and their evolution over the past 15 years.  Covers all OECD countries and Brazil, China, India, Russia and others.  From the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


Federal Register Collection

Categories: Laws/Regulations

Features a complete digitized collection of copies of the Federal Register, 1936-1993.  For more recent issues, 1994- to date, see FDsys  (   From the Law Library of the Library of Congress


Trends in Child Care Spending from the CCDF and TANF

Categories: Children,Govt Finance,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Reviews the legislative history behind the Child Care and Development Fund programs, including the relative importance of state and federal authority in setting funding levels and program rules.  Also presents historical data on child care spending from CCDF and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs for FY2000 – FY2012.  . From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting: Gun Checks and Terrorist Watchlists

Categories: Crime/Justice,Guns,Homeland Security,Terrorism

Offers factual information about versions of the federal watchlist, including the Known and Appropriately Suspected Terrorist File (KST) and the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB).  Also covers post-shooting legislative proposals. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


U.S. District Court Vacancies: Overview and Comparative Analysis

Categories: Presidency,Supreme Court/courts

Examines historical data on the number of federal district court vacancies that existed at the beginning of the terms of the last three presidents and also the number on June 1st of their eighth year in office.  While vacancies decreased from first day in office to June 1st of last year for the Clinton and Bush administrations, they increased by 71% in the Obama administration.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Intelligent Transportation Systems: Urban and Rural Transit Providers Reported Benefits but Face Deployment Challenges

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Science/Technology,Transportation,Urban Issues

Describes the extent of use of ITS by transit providers in large urbanized areas, the ITS uptake in small urban and rural areas, the benefits and challenges of deploying ITS, and the extent to which Transportation Department resources have been used to promote and support ITS.  From the Government Accountability Office


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