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Executive Order Number Fifty (2015): Executive Action to Prevent Gun Violence

Categories: Guns,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Virginia Issues

Establishes a joint Task Force to Prosecute Gun Crimes with special emphasis on enforcing current provisions of state law that only licensed dealers engage in the business of selling firearms and that guns are kept out of the hands of those prohibited from owning them. Also prohibits the open carrying of firearms in “offices occupied by executive branch agencies.” From the Office of the Governor


OASDI and SSI Program Rates and Limits, 2016

Categories: Elderly,Headlines,Medicare/Medicaid,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Bad news for those on Social Security who will receive no cost of living adjustment for 2016. Also covers tax rates, maximum taxable earnings lid, maximum monthly benefit for workers retiring at full retirement age, and more. From the Social Security Administration


Report to the Director of National Intelligence on the Fort Hood and Northwest Flight 253 Incidents

Categories: Homeland Security,Spying/Intelligence,Terrorism

Release of a declassified but heavily redacted report on two notable terrorist incidents with observations on problems in intelligence gathering and analysis which contributes to military and civilian vulnerability to terrorism. From the Intelligence Committee Review Panel of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Secret CIA Report: Pinochet “Personally Ordered “ Washington Car-Bombing

Categories: Chile,Crime/Justice,History,Latin America,Spying/Intelligence,Terrorism

Three declassified documents which implicate former Chile leader Augusto Pinochet in the 1976 murder in Washington DC of Orlando Letelier, an official in the government of the former president, Salvador Allende. From the State Department, posted by the National Security Archive