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Examining the Effect of Off-Campus College Students on Poverty Rates

Categories: Education-Higher,Headlines,Income/Poverty,Population/Census,Statistics,Virginia Issues

This paper analyzes the impact of college students who reside off-campus on the poverty rate of places in which colleges are located.  Excludes students living with family or relatives.  From the Census Bureau



State Cigarette Taxes 2013

Categories: Smoking/Tobacco,Statistics,Taxes

Offers state by state information on cigarette tax rates and tobacco tax revenue.  Also ranks the states.  From the Council of State Governments


What You Need to Know About Background Screening

Categories: Children,Consumer Info/Protection,Youth

Guidebook for community organizations serving children and youth on how to protect their clients by providing six layers of screening for prospective employees.  From the Community Oriented Policing Services of the Department of Justice.


International Energy Outlook 2013

Categories: Energy,Statistics

Predicts that world energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040.  Nuclear and renewable energy sources are the fastest growing, but fossil fuel sources are expected to supply almost 80% of world energy through 2040.  From the Energy Information Administration


Invasive Alien Plant Species

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Great Britain,Science/Technology

Summarizes debate over the risks posed by alien plant species that can have detrimental ecological, social, and economic effects.  Also covers possible policies and legislative measures for countering these risks. From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology