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Hollingsworth v. Perry

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Laws/Regulations,Marriage/Family,Sex Issues,Supreme Court/courts

5-4 Supreme Court decision that petitioners did not have standing to assert the state of California’s interest in defending the constitutionality of the Prop 8 initiative opposing gay marriage.  The effect of the decision is to invalidate the initiative. From the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University


Windsor v. United States

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Marriage/Family,Sex Issues,Supreme Court/courts

5-4 Supreme Court decision which declared the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, because it violated the equal protection clause by providing benefits to heterosexual couples which were denied to same-sex couples.  From the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University


Natural Resource Management and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan

Categories: Afghanistan,Conflict Resolution,Natural Resources,United Nations

Investigates the ways that management of land, water, minerals, forests, and drugs are linked to  instability and insecurity in Afghanistan.  Argues that better management of natural resources could improve peace efforts in the country.  From the United Nations


Child Care: An Important Part of American Life

Categories: Children,Population/Census,Statistics

An infographic which provides information about the number of children in child care, the types of child care arrangements they experience, the types of families that use child care, and the amount they pay for child care.  From the Census Bureau


Mortgage Settlement Monitor Reports Eight Fails in Testing Results

Categories: Business/Economics,Financial Crisis/Markets,Housing/Homelessness

Report from the monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement about the failure of leading banks to comply with provisions of the legislation for resolving mortgage housing problems in the nation.  From the Department of Housing and Urban Development


Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill: Committee Stage Report

Categories: Financial Crisis/Markets,Great Britain,Laws/Regulations

More legislative reform, British style, since the financial crisis of 2008.  This legislation, working its way through Parliament, would create a new architecture for British financial institutions.  House of Commons Library Research Paper   13/40.


2012 Annual Report to the President Information Security Oversight Office

Categories: Govt Information,Govt Secrecy

The annual report on government classification activity which reports a 42% drop in original classification decisions over the previous year.  Also provides information about declassification activity.  From the Information Security Oversight Office


U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2014-2019

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Govt Information,History

Includes major trends affecting NARA in the 2014-2019 period, including digital government, cloud computing and IT shared services, and the goals and objectives of the agency plan.  From the National Archives and Records Administration


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