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Global and Regional Estimates of Violence Against Women: Prevalence and Health Effects of Intimate Partner Violence and Non-Partner Sexual Violence

Categories: Crime/Justice,Health/Medical,Sex Issues,United Nations,Women

Argues that more than a third of women worldwide are affected by physical or sexual violence and offers guidelines  to help countries respond to this global epidemic.  From the World Health Organization


Multifactor Productivity Trends in Manufacturing 2011

Categories: Business/Economics,Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

Reports that manufacturing productivity increased at a 0.8% annual rate in 2011, following a 4.5% increase in 2010.    From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


American Time Use Survey 2012 Results

Categories: Athletics/Exercise,Children,Headlines,Labor/Employment,Literacy/Reading,Recreation/Travel,Statistics

Annual report on how Americans spend their time including percentage and characteristics of those who do some or all of their work at home, household activities and time spent by gender, how leisure time was spent (TV still rates pretty high),  and care of household children.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Household Burglary, 1994-2011

Categories: Crime/Justice,Statistics

Reports that the incidence of household burglary declined by 56% from 1994 to 2011.  Also provides details about trends in types and dollar value of items stolen, and characteristics of victimized households.  From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


Growing Young Minds: How Museums and Libraries Create Lifelong Learners

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Children,Education,Libraries/Museums

Urges more support for and utilization of libraries and museums as community resources which inspire early learning.  Documents 10 key ways that libraries and museums are supporting early learning.  From the Institute for Museum and Library Services


Building Performance Database

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Energy,Housing/Homelessness

Energy data on tens of thousands of existing commercial and residential buildings.  Allows users to compare performance trends among similar buildings to identify cost-saving energy improvements and determine the amount of savings. Requires a sign-up. From the Department of Energy


Influenza Activity—United States, 2012-13 Season and Composition of the 2013-14 Influenza Vaccine

Categories: Health/Medical

Describes the level of activity of influenza during the past flu season and the most prevalent types of viruses.  Also discusses resistance to antiviral medications and recommendations for the 2013-14 vaccine.  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Sex Issues,Supreme Court/courts

6-2 Supreme Court ruling that grant recipients cannot be compelled to adopt a particular belief as a condition of funding.  The case involved forcing agencies that received funding for overseas anti-HIV/AIDs programs  to adopt positions opposing prostitution and sex trafficking.   From the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University.


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