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2012 National Population Projections

Categories: Headlines,Population/Census,Statistics

Projections of the U.S. population by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin for July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2060.  Provides links to the press release, summary tables, and detailed data in a downloadable format.  From the Census Bureau


Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates: Release Highlights of 2011

Categories: Headlines,Income/Poverty,Maps/Geography,Population/Census,Statistics

Provides access to detailed data tables and maps for poverty estimates by states, counties, and school districts.  From the Census Bureau


Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE): 2011 Highlights

Categories: Income/Poverty,Maps/Geography,Population/Census,Statistics

Provides poverty estimates for the total population and median household income estimates for all counties and states.  Also produces poverty estimates for all school districts in the U.S.  From the Census Bureau


Violent Victimization Committed by Strangers, 1993-2010

Categories: Crime/Justice,Sex Issues,Statistics

Presents findings on the rates and levels of violent crimes committed by offenders who were strangers to their victims including murder, robbery, rape, and assault.  Reports a 77% decline in such crime from 1993 to 2010.  From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


State Corrections Expenditures, FY 1982-2010

Categories: Crime/Justice,Health/Medical,Statistics

Total state spending for corrections increased each year from 1982 onward, rising from $15 billion to $53 billion.  Also provides per capita spending per year and cost of medical expenditures and compares trends in corrections spending with other state cost functions.   From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4 Degree Celsius Warmer World Must be Avoided

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Weather/Disasters

Spells out what the world will be like if average temperatures rise by 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the 21st century including unprecedented heat waves, inundation of coastal cities, major risks for food production, loss of biodiversity, and intense tropical cyclones.  From the World Bank


The 2012 Point-in-Time Estimates of Homelessness

Categories: Headlines,Housing/Homelessness,Income/Poverty,Statistics

Estimates there were 633,000 homeless people on a selected night in January 2012.  Also provides estimates of homelessness for families and trends in homelessness.  Also provides estimates of homelessness by state and major cities.  From the Department of Housing and Urban Development


U.S. Had Plans for Full Nuclear Response in Event President Killed or Disappeared During an Attack on the United States

Categories: Communism,Defense/Military,Govt Secrecy,History,Nuclear Arms

A collection of ten declassified national security documents that reveal plans for an automatic attack directed against the Soviet Union and China if the president were lost during an attack on the U.S.  From the National Security Archive.


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