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Dr. James Sherley v. Kathleen Sebelius

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Religion/Ethics,Science/Technology

Opinion of DC District Court Judge Royce Lamberth issuing an injunction to stop federal funding of embryonic stem cell research in which human embryos are destroyed.  The decision leaves funding guidelines established by the Obama Administration subject to further court challenge.

Human Rights and the Millennium: Development Goals in Practice: A Review of Country Strategies and Reporting

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,United Nations

Reviews the extent to which human rights are reflected by countries in national millennium development goal strategies and policies.  From the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

U.S. Military Forces and Police Assistance in Stability Operations: The Least-Worst Option to Fill the U.S. Capacity Gap

Categories: Conflict Resolution,Defense/Military,Foreign Assistance

Recounts the history of U.S. foreign police training from the efforts of the U.S. Agency for International Development in the early 1960s to the current patchwork approach involving many agencies and private contractors.  Offers recommendations for the future.  From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College

Correcting America’s Image Problem in Pakistan

Categories: Foreign Assistance,Pakistan,Propaganda

America has provided more than $15 billion in aid to Pakistan since 9/11, but perceptions of America in Pakistan are negative.  This brief paper looks at why this is so and what can be done to change the perception.  From the United States Institute of Peace

Conflict Prevention: Principles, Policies, and Practice

Categories: Africa,Asia,Conflict Resolution,East Europe,Latin America

Ideas emerging from a July 1, 2010 conference on the challenges and opportunities associated with preventing the initial onset of large-scale violence.  Focuses on vulnerable areas in Africa, the Middle East,  Eurasia and Latin America.  From the United States Institute of Peace

Drought Drives Decade-Long Decline in Plant Growth

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Food/Nutrition,Science/Technology

Reports on 1% decline in global plant growth over the past decade compared to a 6% increase over the previous two decades.  Results come from an analysis of satellite data.  Could result in impacts on food security, biofuels, and the global carbon cycle.  From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Estimated Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Employment and Economic Output from April 2010 through June 2010

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Comments on reports filed by recipients of ARRA funding and estimates that ARRA increased real gross domestic product in the 2nd quarter of the calendar year by between 1.7% and 4.5% while raising the number employed by up to 3.3 million.  From the Congressional Budget Office

Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the United Kingdom

Categories: Great Britain,Health/Medical,Statistics

Commentary, charts, and tables presenting information on cancer cases and deaths in the United Kingdom, 1993 to 2007.  From the Office for National Statistics

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