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Characteristics of Recent Science and Engineering Graduates: 2006

Categories: Careers,Education-Higher,Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Science/Technology,Statistics

Presents data on the characteristics of men and women who received bachelor’s or master’s degrees in science, engineering, or health fields from U.S. academic institutions during the 2002-03, 2003-04, and 2004-05 academic years. Also includes information on employment status and median salaries.   From the National Science Foundation

NSF Releases Statistics on R&D Expenditures in FY2008 by Federally Funded R&D Centers

Categories: Science/Technology,Statistics

Reports that research and development expenditures by all federally funded R&D centers totaled $14.7 billion in FY2008.   Also shows funding by individual center and recent trends.  From the National Science Foundation

Informal Dispute Resolution in Afghanistan

Categories: Afghanistan,Conflict Resolution,Crime/Justice

Discusses informal institutions of justice in Afghanistan, their nature and ways of working, and the extent to which they serve as the primary system of justice.  From the United States Institute of Peace

Graduate Education and Professional Practice in International Peace and Conflict

Categories: Careers,Conflict Resolution,Education-Higher

Argues that graduate level programs are not adequately preparing students for careers in international peace and conflict management.  Calls for more applied skills and field experience opportunities.  From the United States Institute of Peace

Hospital Stays for Patients with Diabetes, 2008

Categories: Health/Medical,Statistics

In 2008, nearly 1 in 5 hospitalizations were related to diabetes, more than 7.7 million stays and $83 billion in hospital costs.  From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Births: Final Data for 2007

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Marriage/Family,Statistics,Women

Presents final data on U.S. births in 2007 including infant and maternal characteristics.  A total of 4.3 million births were registered in the U.S. in 2007, an all-time record.    From the National Center for Health Statistics

Teacher Attrition and Mobility: Results from the 2008-09 Teacher Follow-Up Survey

Categories: Careers,Education,Immigration/Migration,Statistics

Provides data on elementary and secondary school teachers who move from one school to another and on the percentage of teachers who leave the profession.  Also provides information on why teachers move or leave the profession and where they go.  From the National Center for Education Statistics

Trends in Undergraduate Stafford Loan Borrowing: 1989-90 to 2007-08

Categories: Education-Higher,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Provides undergraduate Stafford loan borrowing rates and average Stafford loan amounts for the most recent 20 year period by student and institutional characteristics.  During 2007-08 undergraduates took out about $37 billion in Stafford loans.  From the National Center for Education Statistics

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