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Degree and Nondegree Credentials Held by Labor Force Participants

Categories: Education,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Reports that 58% of labor force participants in the U.S. had a credential beyond high school completion in 2016.  Covers certifications, licenses, postsecondary certificates, and work experience programs.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


New Census Bureau Population Estimates Show Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Has Largest Growth in the United States

Categories: Immigration/Migration,Population/Census,Statistics

Press release showing which metropolitan areas and which counties had the largest numerical and largest percentage population increases as of July 2017.  Covers population changes due to births, deaths, and migration patterns.  From the Census Bureau


Balanced International Trade in Services

Categories: Business/Economics,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics

New data product which attempts to improve availability of international trade in services among OECD and non-OECD countries.  Covers bilateral trade relations involving 11 main categories of services for 191 countries.  From the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development


NEREC Standards for Bulk Power Physical Security: Is the Grid More Secure?

Categories: Congress,Energy,Homeland Security,Laws/Regulations

Describes steps taken to provide greater security for U.S. power grids by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Energy Department, and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) since 2015.  Also describes continuing areas of policy concern.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists



Congressional Pictorial Directory, 115th Congress

Categories: Congress

Provides information about members of the House and Senate in the 115th Congress including length of service, party affiliation, congressional district, and a color photograph.  From GovInfo

(Congress     govt personnel)

Rules Committee Print 115-66: Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Congressional Budget Office estimate of the total spending ($1.3 trillion) in the 2000+ page omnibus bill to finance defense and domestic discretionary programs for FY 2018. From the Congressional Budget Office


Modes of Constitutional Interpretation

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

Describes the most common modes of constitutional interpretation, discusses examples of Supreme Court decisions that demonstrate the application of these methods, and provides a general overview of the various arguments in support of, and in opposition to, the use of such methods of constitutional interpretation.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Total

Categories: Arms Control,Defense/Military,Nuclear Arms,Statistics

Reveals the number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. stockpile at the end of 2017 and the number of nuclear weapons dismantled in 2017.  Also shows stockpile numbers annually since 1962 and the number of nuclear weapons dismantled annually since 1994.  From the Defense Department.



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