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National Preparedness Report 2014

Categories: Homeland Security,Terrorism,Weather/Disasters

Identifies seven key findings including a new approach to recovery following major events such as Hurricane Sandy.  From the Federal Emergency Management Agency


National Climate Assessment: Southeast and the Caribbean Region Report

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Virginia Issues,Weather/Disasters

Assesses the effects of current and future climate change on the southeastern region of the U.S. and on the Caribbean Islands.  From the site of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Sea Level Rise: A Relentless Reality that Virginia Must Continue to Plan Carefully for

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Laws/Regulations,Virginia Issues,Weather/Disasters

Virginia has over 7,000 miles of tidal shoreline.  This article briefly reviews flooding threats and then examines  the state’s evolving policies for coping with the threat of rising sea levels and storm surges. From the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia


NOAA’s Updated Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Calls for an Increased Chance of a Below-Normal Season

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Environment,Weather/Disasters

Latest prediction calls for a 70% chance of a below normal season for hurricanes along the U.S. Atlantic Coast because atmospheric and oceanic conditions that suppress cyclone formation have developed and will persist through the season.  From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Deaths Attributed to Heat, Cold, and other Weather Events in the United States, 2006-2010

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics,Weather/Disasters


Provides details about the types and percentages of deaths in the U.S. that are caused by various types of weather events and weather-related death rates by demographic characteristics and the victims’ county of residence and its characteristics.  From the National Center for Health Statistics



Sea Level Rise and Nuisance Flood Frequency Changes Around the United States

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Weather/Disasters

Water level gauges are providing clear evidence of sea level rise around most of the continental U.S. and Hawaii.  Finds also that extreme flooding events are reaching higher ground and covering larger areas and the frequency of extreme flood events is increasing.  From the  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


The 2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

Categories: Homeland Security,Immigration/Migration,Telecommunications/Internet,Terrorism,Weather/Disasters

The second such review which sets priorities for homeland security over the next four years and reviews the five mission areas: preventing terrorist attacks, securing the borders, enforcing immigration laws, securing cyberspace, and strengthening preparedness.  From the Homeland Security Department


Prioritizing Highway Projects for Improvement of Evacuation

Categories: Transportation,Virginia Issues,Weather/Disasters


Responds to concerns that only a portion of people in low-lying areas of Hampton Roads will be able to evacuate in time in the event of a major hurricane, especially if they have less than 36 hours notice.  Calls for preparing a list of evacuation highways for priority attention.   From the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization


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