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Governor McAuliffe Restores Voting and Civil Rights to Over 200,000 Virginians

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Virginia Issues

Describes the action and includes the text of the Governor’s order that restores the civil and voting rights of 206,000 Virginia residents who were convicted of felonies, served their time, and completed all post-incarceration requirements.  From the Office of the Governor


VA 2014 Toxics Release Inventory Report with 2014 Appendices

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Environment,Headlines,Manufacturing,Statistics,Virginia Issues,Waste Management

Includes link to the summary report plus links for 13 detailed appendices covering historical trends, facility and jurisdiction rankings, and information on individual facilities by locality.  From the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality


2014 Virginia Toxics Release Inventory Report: Summary of Data from 2014 Industry Reports

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Environment,Headlines,Manufacturing,Statistics,Virginia Issues,Waste Management

Virginia industries reported 917 million pounds of chemicals managed on-site, transferred off-site, or released to the environment in 2014.  This represents a 5.6% increase from the 2013 level, primarily due to increases in on-site management.  The report shows decreases in chemical releases to the air, water, or land.  From the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality


2015 Report on the Status of Virginia Tribes

Categories: Native Americans,Virginia Issues$file/RD121.pdf

Brief review of 2015 developments including the federal recognition of the Pamunkey Tribe, announced on July 2, and the challenge raised by a California-based anti-gambling group on October 2.  From the Secretary of the Commonwealth


Analyzing the Impact of Implementing New Tolls on Existing Roadway Facilities: The Hampton Roads Experience

Categories: Public Works,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Studies the impact of placing tolls on a regional transportation system by comparing the traffic and transit conditions before and after tolling. The tolls, designed to pay for additional tunnel lanes, resulted in a 32% decrease in peak period delays at four river corridors.  From the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization


2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Proposed Program

Categories: Defense/Military,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Official document announcing the administration plans for off-shore oil exploration over the next five years. Covers Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and Atlantic regions. Announces removal of Mid- and South-Atlantic areas from program of lease sales due to “strong local opposition, conflicts with other ocean uses, and current market dynamics.” From the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.



Interior Department Announces Next Step in Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Planning Process for 2017-2022

Categories: Defense/Military,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Presents latest proposals for the Obama Administration’s plans for off-shore oil exploration. Due to objections raised by the military and concerns related to ocean-dependent tourism, shipping, and commercial fishing, plans for offshore exploration in the mid-Atlantic near Virginia are not included in the proposed program. From the Interior Department



Poverty and Postsecondary Students in College Towns

Categories: Education-Higher,Income/Poverty,Virginia Issues

Explains why formal techniques may be insufficient for understanding poverty in Virginia college towns and offers an alternative method for measuring the level of need among the non-student population in these localities. From the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia


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