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Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America

Categories: African Americans,History,Housing/Homelessness,Urban Issues,Virginia Issues

Interactive mapping scene which allows user to select an American city and view maps deriving from the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, a Depression era federal government program which provided information to financial institutions about investment risks and served to ghettoize African Americans and other minorities.  A joint project of librarians at the University of Maryland, University of Richmond, and Virginia Tech.


Effectiveness of Virginia’s Water Resource Planning and Management 2016

Categories: Environment,Natural Resources,Virginia Issues

Concludes that there is currently insufficient groundwater in eastern Virginia to accommodate any major, new permit requests (for example, industries seeking to locate in the region).  Criticizes the state’s state and local water plans as lacking in addressing sustainability challenges.  Offers recommendations for improved state and regional planning.  From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission


State Spending: 2016 Update

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Latest annual report on growth in state spending by Virginia, including the largest and fastest growing functions, and long-term trends in these spending programs.  From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission


Joint Subcommittee on the Future Competitiveness of Virginia Higher Education

Categories: Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Statistics,Virginia Issues—joint-subcommittee-presentation—oct-11.pdf?sfvrsn=0

Slide show presentation to the Virginia General Assembly which explains how Virginia currently provides financial assistance to students.  From the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia


Commonwealth of Virginia Fiscal Year 2017 Savings Plan

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics,Taxes,Virginia Issues

Describes the governor’s plan for responding to $268 million shortfall of revenue in FY2016.  Includes cancellation of anticipated pay raises for state workers and transfer of funds from Revenue Stabilization Fund.  From the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget


2015-16 Total Educational and General Expenditures by Program, Virginia Public Higher Education Institutions

Categories: Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Statistics,Virginia Issues$file/RD354.pdf

Statistical table showing what each public Virginia college and university spent on instruction, research, public service, academic support, student services, institutional support and O&M.  From the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia


Current and Future Plans for a State System of Attractive, Sustainable, and Enduring Trails Across the Commonwealth

Categories: Recreation/Travel,Virginia Issues$file/RD363.pdf

Provides a progress report on efforts to improve outdoor recreation opportunities in the state. From the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation


National Port Strategy Assessment: Reducing Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases at U.S. Ports

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Science/Technology,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Examines current and future emissions from various diesel sources operating in port areas and explores the potential of a range of available strategies to reduce emissions from ships, trucks, locomotives, and cargo-handling equipment.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


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