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Measuring the Information Society Report 2016

Categories: Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet,United Nations

Annual compendium of information and data relating to information connectivity in nearly 200 countries.  From the International Telecommunications Union


Global Human Settlement Layer

Categories: Environment,European Union,Maps/Geography,United Nations,Urban Issues

New global database which focuses on the spatial distribution of the earth’s population and the development of built-up areas, population, and settlement patterns over the past 40 years.  From the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre


World Economic and Social Survey 2016: Climate Change Resilience: An Opportunity for Reducing Inequalities

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Income/Poverty,United Nations

Examines how the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development relates to the challenge of building resilience to climate change and alleviating suffering of the most vulnerable populations.  From the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations


Statistical Yearbook [United Nations] 2016 Edition

Categories: Business/Economics,Energy,Environment,Statistics,United Nations

Offers statistics on social, economic, and environmental conditions at the national, regional, and world levels.  Contents are under review and this edition is shorter than previous ones.  From the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs


Report of the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines: Promoting Innovation and Access to Health Technologies

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Health/Medical,Science/Technology,United Nations

Report of a panel created in September 2015 to spur health technology innovation and increase access to medicines.  Offers recommendations for reconciling the rights of inventors, trade rules, public health, and human rights.  From the High Level Panel.


The State of Broadband 2016: Broadband Catalyzing Sustainable Development

Categories: Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet,United Nations

Latest global snapshot of broadband network access and affordability with country  by country data measuring access against key targets.  Finds that just 6 populous countries account for 55% of those not connected to the Internet.  From the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development


Education for People and Planet: Creating Sustainable Futures for All: Global Education Monitoring Report 2016

Categories: Education,United Nations

Describes progress made and challenges remaining in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 relating to education by 2030.  From the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


Investigation into the Conditions and Circumstances Resulting in the Tragic Death of Dag Hammarskjold and of the Members of the Party Accompanying Him

Categories: Africa,History,United Nations

Presents additional information in the ongoing attempt to establish the facts behind the death of the UN Secretary General in a plane crash in Africa in September 1961.  The follow-up note to a 2015 report of an Independent Panel of Experts calls upon certain Member States to release more information from their archives.  From the United Nations General Assembly


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