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UN Peacekeeping in the Sahel: Overcoming New Challenges

Categories: Africa,Crime/Justice,Terrorism,United Nations

Looks at the growing relevance to U.S. foreign policy and national security interests of UN peacekeeping in areas threatened by transnational terrorism and organized crime.  Calls for increased U.S. support.  From the United States Institute of Peace


2015 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report

Categories: Crime/Justice,Drug Trafficking,Foreign Affairs,Treaties,United Nations

Volume 1 covers Drug and Chemical Control, while Volume 2 covers Money Laundering and Financial Crimes.  From the State Department

Guideline: Sugars Intake for Adults and Children

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Health/Medical,United Nations

Calls on adults and children to reduce daily intake of sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake.  Also explains what the health implications would be from such reductions.  From the World Health Organization


Afghanistan: Annual Report 2014: Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

Categories: Afghanistan,Births/Deaths,Civil/Human Rights,Headlines,United Nations

Reports a 25% increase in civilian deaths in the Afghan conflict in 2014.  Blames increasing civilian toll on intensified combat, roadside bombs, and suicide bombings. From the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan



Categories: Children,Civil/Human Rights,Disability,United Nations,Women

A single source for locating the recommendations and judicial findings of a variety of United Nations Treaty Bodies which receive and consider human rights complaints.  Includes the Human Rights Committee, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and many others.  From the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


Report of the United States of America Submitted to the U. N. High Commissioner for Human Rights in Conjunction with the Universal Periodic Review

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Immigration/Migration,Labor/Employment,United Nations

Report submitted every four years to the United Nations to report on human rights record in the reporting country.    From the State Department


World Economic Situation and Prospects 2015

Categories: Business/Economics,United Nations

Describes the economic prospects for 2015 including trends in international trade and finance, policy challenges, and five regional outlooks.  From the United Nations


2014 Report to Congress on China’s WTO Compliance

Categories: China,Foreign Trade/Investment,Treaties,United Nations

Annual report by the U.S. on the degree of China’s compliance with World Trade Organization commitments.  Identifies  areas where progress has been achieved and areas of concern.  From the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative


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