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Natural Gas for Cars and Trucks: Options and Challenges

Categories: Energy,Environment,Laws/Regulations,Science/Technology,Transportation

The increase in natural gas supplies in the U.S. has raised interest in natural gas as a transportation fuel.  This report reviews vehicle technologies that could use natural gas as a fuel and legislative policies that could spur development.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Highlights of Ferry Operators in the United States

Categories: Statistics,Transportation

Information and statistics on operations of U.S. ferries including number of ferry operators by region, number of passengers and vessels, and miles traveled,  From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics


Model Year 2015 Fuel Economy Guide

Categories: Energy,Environment,Headlines,Statistics,Transportation

Provides mileage figures and estimated annual fuel costs from federal testing for makes and models of vehicles.  From the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency


World Oil Transit Chokepoints

Categories: Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics,Transportation

Focuses on seven world chokepoints on major trade routes for seaborne oil transportation.  From the Energy Information Administration


Hampton Roads Congestion Management Process: System Performance and Mitigation Report

Categories: Public Works,Statistics,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Federally mandated report on dealing with traffic problems in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Assess the roads in the region, ranks the most congested corridors, and recommends improvements.  From the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization


The State of the Region: Hampton Roads 2014

Focuses on economic development in the region but includes sections on megachurches, migration data, homeless children, and vehicle tolls.  From the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission


Virginia Energy Plan, October 1, 2014

Categories: Energy,Headlines,Statistics,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Lengthy document which includes emphasis on strengthening renewable energy sector, improving energy conservation, and developing new nuclear energy technologies.  Also includes sections on general energy information, separate sections for each major energy type, and a chapter on advanced vehicle technology.  From the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy


U.S. Fuel Economy Reaches All-Time High

Categories: Energy,Environment,Statistics,Transportation!OpenDocument

Press release on results of fuel economy testing of 2013 and 2014 vehicles.  Provides link to full report and various appendices.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


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