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International Energy Outlook 2017

Categories: Asia,Energy,Statistics,Transportation

Forecasts a 28% increase in world energy consumption to 2040, primarily due to expanding economies in India and China.  From the Energy Information Administration


Safety Study: Reducing Speeding-Related Crashes Involving Passenger Vehicles

Categories: Traffic Accidents,Transportation

Preliminary synopsis of a study to be released in August 2017 on the relationship between speeding and highway traffic fatalities.  Includes 19 safety recommendations for various governmental agencies and authorities to reduce the incidence of speeding.  From the National Transportation Safety Board



National Transportation Statistics 2017

Categories: Energy,Environment,Statistics,Traffic Accidents,Transportation

Annual statistical report on the condition of the U. S transportation network, the safety and accident record, the relationship between transportation and the economy, and the environmental and energy implications of transportation. From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

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Principles for Reforming the U.S. Air Traffic Control System

Categories: Headlines,Presidency,Science/Technology,Transportation

Describes the plans of the Trump Administration to privatize the air traffic control system as part of the effort to the U.S. transportation infrastructure.  From the White House


Fly Rights: A Consumer Guide to Air Travel

Categories: Transportation

In the wake of the publicity surrounding the treatment of a bumped airline passenger, here is the official statement of airline passenger rights, including air fares, overbooking, delayed and canceled flights and more.  From the site of the U.S. Department of Transportation


Department of State Record of Decision and National Interest Determination

Categories: Canada,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Transportation

Text of the document which approves construction of the Keystone XL pipeline as being in the national interest of the U.S.   The Trump administration decision reverses the decision of the State Department under Obama’s administration. From the State Department


States Perform

Categories: Business/Economics,Crime/Justice,Education,Energy,Environment,Govt Finance,Health/Medical,Transportation

Offers access to performance measurement data for the 50 states in 6 areas: fiscal and economic, public safety and justice, energy and environment, transportation, health and human services, and education.  From the Council of State Governments


National Transportation Noise Mapping Tool

Categories: Environment,Statistics,Transportation

A new product which aims to track the level of noise exposure to the U.S. population from aviation and interstate highways.  See Noise Data folder here.  From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics




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