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2012 Census of Governments: Finance—State and Local Government Summary Report

Categories: Federal State Relations,Financial Crisis/Markets,Govt Finance,Statistics,Taxes

Presents data on state and local government finances including revenue by source, expenditures by character and function, indebtedness by term, and cash and security holdings by purpose.  Leading causes for revenue declines were falling interest income and declines in value of employee retirement investments.  From the Census Bureau


State and Local Government Spending Grows Faster Than Revenue

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics,Taxes

Press release on state and local government revenue and spending trends from 2007 to 2012 with links to more detailed data.  From the Census Bureau


Taxing Capital Income: Effective Marginal Tax Rates Under 2014 Law and Selected Policy Options

Categories: Business/Economics,Financial Crisis/Markets,Taxes

Examines the relationship between “tax rates on capital income” and “before-tax rates of return on investments” and how differences can reduce economic efficiency.  Also looks at the implications of proposed policy options for the taxation of capital income.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Options for Reducing the Deficit: 2015 to 2024

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Statistics,Taxes

Provides estimates of the potential budgetary savings from 79 options that would decrease federal spending or increase federal revenues over the next decade.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Federal Proposals to Tax Marijuana: An Economic Analysis

Categories: Drug Trafficking,Govt Finance,Taxes

Provides an overview of marijuana production, possible justifications for imposing federal taxes, estimates the level of taxes that might be raised, and analyzes possible marijuana tax designs.  Also discusses potential administration and enforcement problems. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes, 2011

Categories: Income/Poverty,Statistics,Taxes

Finds the average federal tax rate for all households in 2011 was 17.6%.    Also examines the effect of taxes on households with differing amounts of income and trends.   From the Congressional Budget Office


Contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Procurement,Taxes

Provides the answers to 14 frequently asked questions regarding current restrictions on federal contracting with inverted domestic corporations—corporations that have incorporated abroad to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


How CBO Analyzes the Effects of Changes in Federal Fiscal Policies on the Economy

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Laws/Regulations,Taxes

Explains how the congressional budget watchdog agency analyzes the long-term and short-term effects of changes in federal spending and tax policy on the U.S. economy.  From the Congressional Budget Office


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