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Answers to Questions from Senator Hatch About Various Options for Payroll Taxes and Social Security

Categories: Govt Finance,Retirement/Social Security,Taxes

Assesses the budgetary implications of altering Social Security payroll tax rates and the maximum amount of earnings on which those taxes are imposed in response to questions from Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah.  Includes tables showing effects of potential changes.  From the Congressional Budget Office


National Funding of Road Infrastructure

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Public Works,Taxes,Transportation

As Congress debates how the U.S. will fund road construction in the future, this report covers the highway infrastructure funding practices of 14 foreign countries; some like the U.S. rely on a gas tax while others fund from general revenue or other schemes.  From the Law Library of the Library of Congress


Premium Affordability, Competition, and Choice in the Health Insurance Marketplace, 2014

Categories: Health Insurance,Prices/Inflation,Statistics,Taxes

Represents the federal government’s first effort to assess the affordability and availability of health plans under the Affordable Care Act following the end of the first insurance sign-up period.  Looks at the premium costs in the marketplace and the role of the premium tax credit in helping families afford coverage.  From the Department of Health and Human Services


High-Income Tax Returns for 2011

Categories: Taxes

Annual report on incomes of $200,000 or more where there was no income tax liability.  The report includes the number of such returns and the importance of various tax provisions in making these returns nontaxable.  From the Internal Revenue Service


Payments of Penalties for Being Uninsured Under the Affordable Care Act: 2014 Update

Categories: Govt Finance,Health Insurance,Statistics,Taxes

Offers estimates of the number of people who will be uninsured by 2016 and the amount of money that uninsured penalties will bring to the government in the 2015 to 2024 period. From the Congressonal Budget Office


Corporate Expatriation, Inversions, and Mergers: Tax Issues

Categories: Business/Economics,Taxes

Discusses the techniques used by U.S. corporations to dodge the payment of U.S. taxes and policy options that have been proposed to stop such moves. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Obesity Update

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Food/Nutrition,Health/Medical,Statistics,Taxes

A majority of adults and 1 in 5 children are overweight or obese in the OECD countries.  This update provides obesity rates for OECD countries, trends and the relationship to social disparities, and policies such as taxes and advertising that are being adopted to counter the trend.  From the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


An Analysis of the President’s 2015 Budget

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Presidency,Statistics,Taxes

Sections on how the president’s budget proposals would affect federal deficits and the debt, what proposals would have the largest budgetary effects, and how CBO’s estimates differ from those of the administration.  From the Congressional Budget Office


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