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Joint Declaration on Combating Campus Sexual Violence

Categories: Crime/Justice,Education-Higher,Headlines,Sex Issues,Virginia Issues

Text of the pledge signed by all Virginia college presidents, the governor, and the attorney general as the state launches a comprehensive effort to address sexual assault on campuses.  From the Governor’s Office


Juvenile Victims of Domestic Sex Trafficking

Categories: Children,Crime/Justice,Federal State Relations,Sex Issues,Youth

Discusses differences in federal and state approaches to crimes related to sex trafficking of juveniles and policy options which could improve the treatment of victims. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Sexual Orientation and Health Among U.S. Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2013

Categories: Headlines,Health/Medical,Sex Issues,Statistics


Examines health-related behaviors, health status, health care utilization, and health care access among U.S. adults who identified themselves as straight, gay or lesbian, or bisexual to gather information on possible health care disparities due to sexual orientation. From the National Center for Health Statistics


Sexual Violence on Campus: How Too Many Institutions of Higher Education are Failing to Protect Students

Categories: Crime/Justice,Education-Higher,Headlines,Sex Issues,Women

A survey of 440 four year colleges and universities which assesses how they report, investigate, and adjudicate sexual violence.  Finds that many institutions are failing to comply with the law and best practices in how they handle sexual violence among students.  From the U.S. Senate Office of Claire McCaskill


Important Information About Social Security Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

Categories: Marriage/Family,Retirement/Social Security,Sex Issues

Answers questions about how the Supreme Court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act has resulted in federal recognition of same-sex marriages and the paying of Social Security benefits to surviving spouses in same-sex marriages.  From the Social Security Administration


Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, United States, 2013

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Health/Medical,Sex Issues,Statistics,Youth

Presents the results of the latest survey of six categories of priority health-risk behaviors among youth and young adults including tobacco, alcohol and drug use, physical inactivity, and sexual behaviors that lead to unintended pregnancies or STDs. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Command Investigation into the Facts and Circumstances Surrounding Possible Violations of the Department of the Navy Policies on Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment by the former Commanding Officer of the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron ….

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt/Business Scandals,Headlines,Sex Issues

Final report on the case of former Blue Angels Commander, Gregory McWherter, who was found guilty of conduct unbecoming of an officer by fostering a hostile command climate.  From the Department of the Navy


The School Discipline Consensus Report

Categories: African Americans,Disability,Education,Headlines,Hispanics,Sex Issues,Youth

Subtitled: Strategies from the Field to Keep Students Engaged in School and Out of the Juvenile Justice System.  Calls for improved methods of school discipline that keep students engaged in classrooms and less use of suspensions. Criticizes the disproportionate number of disciplined students of color, those with disabilities, and youth who identify as gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender.  From the Council of State Governments Justice Center


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