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Facial Recognition Technology: Commercial Uses, Privacy Issues, and Applicable Federal Law

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Privacy,Science/Technology

Examines uses of facial recognition technology, privacy issues, proposed best practices and industry privacy policies, and applicable privacy protections under federal law.  From the Government Accountability Office


Technology Assessment: Nuclear Reactors: Status and Challenges in Development and Deployment of New Commercial Concepts

Categories: Energy,Nuclear Energy,Science/Technology

Discusses the status of new reactor concepts such as light water small modular reactors, the intended benefits of new advanced reactor concepts, and the challenges associated with bringing these new reactors online.  From the Government Accountability Office


Science and Engineering State Profiles

Categories: Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Science/Technology,Statistics

An interactive site that provides access to state-level data on science and engineering personnel, finances, and state rankings.  Displays up to 10 state profiles of the user’s choice.  From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation


USGS Arctic Science Strategy 2015-2020

Categories: Arctic/Antarctic,Climate Change,Environment,Science/Technology

Describes U.S. goals and priorities for resource management in the Arctic region as it undergoes dramatic changes from global warming.  From the U.S. Geological Survey


Analysis of Storm-Tide Impacts From Hurricane Sandy in New York

Categories: Science/Technology,Weather/Disasters

Presents comparisons of Hurricane Sandy’s peak storm-tide elevations to selected historical storms and annual exceedance probabilities as well as other storm-surge magnitude information.  From the U.S. Geological Survey and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Regenerative Medicine: Federal Investment, Information Sharing, and Challenges in an Evolving Field

Categories: Health/Medical,Science/Technology

Describes which federal agencies have conducted or funded regenerative medicine research, the direction of their investments, the information sharing they’ve engaged in with other agencies, and challenges they’ve encountered in doing such research.  From the Government Accountability Office


NASA Satellite Camera Provides EPIC View of Earth

Categories: Science/Technology

Provides image and information about view of entire sunlit side of earth from  one million miles away.  The camera was aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite.  From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions: FY2013: Detailed Statistical Tables

Categories: Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Govt Procurement,Science/Technology,Statistics

37 statistical tables on federal government support to colleges and universities for science and engineering.  Some tables cover trends back to the 1960s.  Data presented by type of activity supported, federal agency, and university recipients.  From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation


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