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Report to Congress: Implementation Plan for Modernizing the Military Retirement System

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Retirement/Social Security

Provides a short background on the current military retirement system and highlights of the new modernized system to be known as the Blended Retirement System, along with a legislative proposal to amend certain aspects of the new system.  Covers major changes including vesting eligibility and pay benefits.  From the Defense Department


Fact Sheet: Middle Class Economics: Strengthening Retirement Security by Cracking Down on Conflicts of Interest in Retirement Savings

Plain language explanation of the Conflict of Interest rule relating to retirement savings.  From the White House


Superintendent of Documents Mary Alice Baish to Retire

Categories: Govt Information,Libraries/Museums,Retirement/Social Security

Announces the resignation of the person who has headed the Federal Depository Library Program since 2011.  From the Government Publishing Office


Investment Advice—Conflict of Interest Final Rule

New rule that would assist retirement savers by requiring that financial advisers and brokers put the clients’ interests first.  The so-called “fiduciary rule” would create a new standard stricter than current regulations, which call for advice that is “suitable, and avoid conflicts of interest.  Such conflicts cost savers an estimated $17 billion per year.  Includes final rule and related material.  From the Employee Benefits Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor


An Aging World: 2015

Categories: Elderly,Headlines,Health/Medical,Population/Census,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Estimates that the U.S. population 65+ will nearly double over the next three decades, going from 48 to 88 million by 2050 but that will represent a slower aging rate than many other countries.  Examines the continuing global aging trend with an emphasis on the differences among world regions. Also covers such topics as employment, retirement, life expectancy/health, fertility, and long-term care.  From the Census Bureau


Retirement Security: Better Information on Income Replacement Rates Needed to Help Workers Plan for Retirement

Categories: Elderly,Retirement/Social Security

Examines whether and how spending patterns vary by age, key factors used to develop target replacement rates, and the usefulness of such information provided by the Department of Labor.

From the Government Accountability Office


Why Researchers Now Rely on Surveys for Race Data on OASDI and SSI Programs: A Comparison of Four Major Surveys

Categories: Govt Information,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Explains why the race characteristic is no longer collected for some major government programs.

From the Social Security Administration


Budget and Economic Data

Categories: Govt Finance,Medicare/Medicaid,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

New site which features budget, economic, revenue, and spending projections; historical budget data, 10-year trust fund projections, and more. From the Congressional Budget Office


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