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Advice for Colleges, Universities and Students about Ebola in West Africa: For Colleges and Universities

Categories: Africa,Education-Higher,Health/Medical,Recreation/Travel

Advice for students and faculty heading to or returning from the affected countries in West Africa.  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Passenger Travel Facts and Figures 2014

Categories: Energy,Environment,Recreation/Travel,Statistics,Transportation

Data on the characteristics and trends of personal travel in the United States, the transportation network, and related safety, economic, and environmental implications.  From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics


Hampton Roads Regional Benchmarking Study 2014

Latest annual study of the region’s 16 jurisdictions with locality profiles and regional benchmarks covering the economy, demographics, housing, transportation, and various quality of life indicators.  From the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission


The Rising Cost of Fire Operations: Effects on the Forest Service’s Non-Fire Work

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Govt Finance,Recreation/Travel

Asserts that the increased expense of fighting forest fires has resulted in less money for non-fire activities.  This report details the long-term shift of agency resources into the fire program and away from other important forest management, restoration, and recreation activities.  From the Forest Service


American Time Use Survey: 2013 Results

Categories: Athletics/Exercise,Children,Labor/Employment,Literacy/Reading,Recreation/Travel,Statistics

On an average day in 2013, employed adults in households without children under age 18 engaged in leisure activities for 4.5 hours per day.  Those with children under 18 had less leisure time.  Annual survey covers daily time spent working, doing household activities, and pursuing sports or other leisure activities.  Also covers time spent providing childcare.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Virginia Roads

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Recreation/Travel,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Shows the status of current and planned road construction and repair projects in Virginia.  Also provides information on current lane closures, travel advisories, park and ride lots, toll facilities, scenic roads, various types of maps and more.  From the Virginia Department of Transportation


Increasing Tourism to Spur Economic Growth: Progress on the President’s National Travel and Tourism Strategy

Categories: Business/Economics,Presidency,Recreation/Travel

Describes the impact of travel and tourism on the U.S. economy and the progress made in implementing the administration’s strategy for increasing travel to and within the U.S.  From the Executive Office of the President


Virginia Outdoors Plan: 2013

Categories: Environment,Natural Resources,Recreation/Travel,Virginia Issues

Latest version of the state’s official conservation, outdoor recreation, and open-space plan.  Includes a chapter on regional analysis and recommendations for 23 parts of the state including Hampton Roads.  From the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation


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