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The Highway Trust Fund and the Treatment of Surface Transportation Programs in the Federal Budget

Categories: Govt Finance,Public Works,Transportation

Describes the imperiled status of the Highway Trust Fund and options that Congress might consider to address the imbalance between available revenues and spending needs.  From the Congressional Budget Office


The Future of Transportation Infrastructure Investments: Determining Best Practices for States’ Funding and Financing Mechanisms

Categories: Govt Finance,Public Works,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Examines how states are coping with deteriorating transportation systems and diminishing resources for fixing them.  A privately sponsored study prepared by the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy at the College of William and Mary


2013 Status of the Nation’s Highways, Bridges, and Transit: Conditions and Performance

Categories: Govt Finance,Public Works,Statistics,Transportation

Information on the physical condition, operational performance, and financing mechanisms of the U.S. transportation system currently and the projected future state under a set of alternative investment scenarios.  From the Federal Highway Administration


Condition of America’s Public School Facilities: 2012-13: First Look

Categories: Education,Public Works,Statistics

Provides nationally representative data on the condition of public schools in the U.S. including condition of buildings, use of portable or temporary structures, and total cost of needed repairs.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


U.S. Rail Transportation of Crude Oil: Background and Issues for Congress

Categories: Energy,Public Works,Transportation

Discusses the recent U.S. and Canadian boom in crude oil production and the problem of transporting the oil safely to refineries.  While some see railroads as an alternative to costly pipeline production, concerns about safety have been raised.  This report looks at rail transport safety concerns and rail versus pipeline development.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Keystone XL Pipeline—Fact Sheet 2014

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Public Works,Transportation

Briefly summarizes the nature of the proposed project, the availability of the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement which builds on the original EIS released in March 2013, and the period of public comment which will close on March 7, 2014.  From the State Department


Keystone XL Pipeline Application: Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Public Works,Transportation

Final environmental impact documents in eleven volumes plus an executive summary for the proposed pipeline that would run from the U.S-Canadian border to connect to a pipeline in Nebraska.  From the State Department


Highway Bridge Conditions: Issues for Congress

Categories: Govt Finance,Laws/Regulations,Public Works,Transportation

Discusses the extent of the current problem with structurally deficient or functionally obsolete bridges in the U.S., the federal role in funding and maintaining bridges, and recent proposed legislation.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by National Agricultural Law Library


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