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Inflation in the Costs of Building Aircraft Carriers

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Laws/Regulations,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Examines the inflation estimates of the Navy, how they were arrived at, what role economic inflation has played, and how costs attributable to compliance with federal, state, or local laws have affected the figures.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Consumer Expenditures Midyear Update, July 2014 Through June 2015 Average

Reports that average consumer expenditures were up 5.9% compared with the 2013-2014 midyear average.  Average incomes also increased by 6.6%.  Covers average household expenditures by specific categories.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

(education     energy     food/nutrition     health/medical     housing/homelessness     prices/inflation     statistics     transportation)

Private Health Insurance: Federal Oversight, Premiums, and Enrollment for Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans in 2015

Categories: Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Prices/Inflation

Examines how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services monitors the performance and sustainability of CO-OPs created under the Affordable Care Act, how CO-OP premiums changed from 2014 to 2015, how they compared to premiums for other health insurance plans, and how CO-OP enrollment changed from 2014 to 2015. From the Government Accountability Office


Aspects of Student Transfer and Post-Transfer Success at Virginia Public Institutions

Categories: Education-Higher,Prices/Inflation,Statistics,Virginia Issues

This report provides a snapshot of certain aspects of student costs and success in transferring from public two-year institutions to public four-year institutions of higher education in Virginia between 2006-07 and 2009-10. From the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia


CMS Proposes to Test New Medicare Part B Prescription Drug Models to Improve Quality of Care and Deliver Better Value for Medicare Beneficiaries

Categories: Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations,Medicare/Medicaid,Prices/Inflation

Describes proposed rule that would alter reimbursement methods for drugs administered in physician offices. Proposes to try different methods in different regions of country to encourage use of high quality but less costly drugs. Includes links to Federal Register and factsheet with more information. From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


Methods of Estimating the Total Cost of Federal Regulations

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Prices/Inflation

Discusses the so-called “bottom-up” and “top-down” methods used by analysts to estimate the total cost and benefit of regulations. Also covers advantages and disadvantages of each approach. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) & Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

Categories: Headlines,Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations,Prices/Inflation

Explains the change from the Sustainable Growth Rate plan to one based on rewarding providers for the quality rather than the quantity of services provided to Medicare patients. From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Documents Obtained by Committee from Turing Pharmaceuticals

Categories: Govt/Business Scandals,Headlines,Health/Medical,Prices/Inflation

Memorandum providing excerpts from more than 250,000 pages of documents obtained by a House Committee from Turing Pharmaceuticals, the firm under Congressional investigation for price gouging after their leader, Martin Shkreli, arranged for huge price increases on a prescription drug product developed by a company he purchased. From the Minority of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


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