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Transition Guide

Categories: Govt Processes/Organization,Presidency,Religion/Ethics$FILE/Transition%20Guide%20Print%20Version.pdf

Offers guidance in the process of setting up the new presidential administration.  Sections on presidential nominees, establishing procedures, ethics in the new administration, and a list of resources.  From the Office of Government Ethics


Report on the Legal and Policy Frameworks Guiding the United States’ Use of Military Force and Related National Security Operations

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Presidency,Terrorism,Treaties

Citing long-standing U.S. adherence to international legal standards for waging war with due regard for humanitarian considerations, and prior to turning over governing authority to an administration which has vowed to use harsher measures, the Obama administration released this lengthy compendium of legal opinions, executive orders and military directives which guided its actions toward, among other things, use of drones and treatment of captured terrorists.  From the White House.



Conflict of Interest and “Ethics” Provisions That May Apply to the President

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Presidency,Religion/Ethics

Briefly identifies those provisions of public law or regulation relating to conflicts of interest that may potentially apply to a president and those that do not apply to the president.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Presidential Transition Guide

Categories: Govt Processes/Organization,Presidency

Provides an overview of the presidential transition process including components of the transition team, interviews with past participants, archives materials from past transitions, and scholarly studies on the process.  From a private source.  From the Partnership for Public Service.

Categories: Headlines,Presidency

The Trump presidential transition site.


Contingent Election of the President and Vice President by Congress: Perspectives and Contemporary Analysis

Categories: Congress,Elections/Campaigns,History,Presidency

Describes what would happen (and what has happened twice in the past) if no presidential candidate won a majority of the electoral votes and the role of the House and Senate in such cases. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Presidential Transition Guide to Federal Human Resources Management Matters: Election Year 2016

Categories: Govt Personnel,Presidency

Provides instructions for transition functions such as background investigations, political appointments and so forth.  From the Office of Personnel Management


We are Americans First

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Presidency

Remarks of President Obama on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  From the White House


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