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2014 U.S. and State Population Estimates

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics

Press release regarding availability of national and state population estimates for July 1, 2014. Provides links which show totals from Census Day 2010 and July 1 totals for each year since.  From the Census Bureau.


Educational Attainment in the United States: 2014: Detailed Tables

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,Population/Census,Statistics

Three tables covering educational achievement by demographic characteristics.  Also includes information on years of school completed.  From the Census Bureau


Florida Passes New York to Become the Nation’s Third Most Populous State

Categories: Headlines,Population/Census,Statistics

Agency press release which includes ten most populous states, ten fastest growing states, and the ten states with the largest numeric increase (Virginia is 10) from July 2013 to July 2014.  From the Census Bureau


A Child’s Day: Living Arrangements, Nativity, and Family Transitions: 2011 (Selected Indicators of Child Well-Being)

Categories: Children,Education,Literacy/Reading,Marriage/Family,Population/Census,Statistics

Measures of well-being include school performance, family reading practices, shared meal times, television rules, and extracurricular activities.  From the Census Bureau


2014 National Population Projections

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics

Projections of the U.S. population by age, sex, race, Hispanic origin and nativity annually for the  time period 2014-2060.  From the Census Bureau


New Census Bureau Statistics Show How Young Adults Today Compare with Previous Generations in Neighborhoods Nationwide

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics,Youth

Agency press release with links to maps which show how young adults today compare with those of 1980 in terms of demographics, economics, marriage and more.  From the Census Bureau


Older Americans with a Disability: 2008-2012

Categories: Disability,Elderly,Income/Poverty,Population/Census,Statistics

Examines the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics as well as the geographic distribution of the older population with a disability.  From the Census Bureau


Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2013

Categories: Headlines,Population/Census,Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet

Provides household and individual level information on computer use and Internet access in the U.S.  Estimates that 78% of people in U.S. households had a high-speed Internet connection in 2013 but finds differences in speed of access by demographic characteristics.  From the Census Bureau


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