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Digest of United States Practice in International Law 2016

Categories: China,Foreign Affairs,Laws/Regulations,Philippines,Treaties

Provides a record of the views and practice of the U.S. government in public and private international law during 2016.   Includes key speeches by the State Department’s legal adviser on outer space law.  Also covers genocide issues, and issues involving the South China Seas disputes between China and the Philippines.  From the State Department


Education and Training in Nonviolent Resistance

Categories: Conflict Resolution,Democracy/Peace,Germany,Nuclear Energy,Philippines

Highlights key functions and outcomes of education/training in nonviolent civil resistance movements around the world.  Draws on four historical examples of successful nonviolent movements in Germany, the Philippines, Serbia, and the U.S.  From the United States Institute of Peace


The South China Sea Arbitration: The Republic of the Philippines v. the People’s Republic of China

Categories: China,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Philippines,Supreme Court/courts

Discusses the question of jurisdiction over historic rights and maritime entitlements in the South China Sea, the positions of China and the Philippines, and the Tribunal’s decisions on the merits of the Philippines’ claims.  From the Permanent Court of Arbitration


Republic of the Philippines and U.S. Interests, 2014

Categories: Defense/Military,Foreign Assistance,Foreign Trade/Investment,Philippines

Explores the close ties between the U.S. and the Philippines, including mutual security, foreign trade, and foreign assistance.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda): U.S. and International Response to Philippines Disaster

Categories: Philippines,Weather/Disasters

Examines the impact of the storm which struck the Philippines on November 8, 2013 and the nature and amount of the U.S. and international relief response.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


U.S. Naturalizations: 2012

Categories: China,Homeland Security,Immigration/Migration,India,Mexico,Philippines,Statistics

Presents information on the number and characteristics of foreign nationals aged 18 and over who naturalized during 2012.  The leading countries of origin of the 757,434 persons naturalizing were Mexico, the Philippines, India, the Dominican Republic, and the People’s Republic of China.  From the Office of Immigration Statistics of the Department of Homeland Security


South China Sea

Categories: Asia,China,Energy,indonesia,Philippines

Describes the energy resouces in the South China Sea region and the political and technological problems in exploiting them.  From the Energy Information Administration


The Republic of the Philippines and U.S. Interests

Categories: China,Foreign Affairs,Philippines,Treaties

Discusses the renewal of U.S-Philippines security arrangements as part of the U.S. foreign policy pivot to the Far East.  Also reviews Philippine-China relations and territorial disputes in the South China Sea.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


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