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Productivity and Costs by Industry: Manufacturing and Mining Industries, 2014

Categories: Geology/Mining,Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

Labor productivity—output per hour—increased in three-quarters of detailed manufacturing and mining industries in 2014, higher than in 2013.  Unit labor costs declined in 53% of manufacturing industries and 75% of mining industries.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Light-Duty Vehicles: Manufacturer Performance Report for the 2013 Model Year

Categories: Environment,Laws/Regulations,Manufacturing,Statistics

Industry compliance in model year 2013 was better than required by the 2013 greenhouse gas emission standards.  The report presents detailed information about how individual  firms are complying with GHG emissions standards for cars and light trucks.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


Chemical Substances When Manufactured or Processed as Nanoscale Materials: TSCA Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

Categories: Environment,Laws/Regulations,Manufacturing,Science/Technology

Proposed rule relating to reporting and recordkeeping requirements for chemical substances when they are manufactured or processed as nanoscale materials.   Represents first use of Toxic Substances Control Act to gather information on nanoscale materials.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


Small Innovative Company Growth: Barriers, Best Practices and Big Ideas: Lessons from the 3D Printing Industry

Categories: Business/Economics,Manufacturing

Describes eleven key barriers to small innovative company growth.  From the U.S. Small Business Administration



Annual Survey of Manufactures: 2013

Categories: Business/Economics,Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

Provides national level data for manufacturing industries at differing levels of North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) levels.  Includes statistics for each state, product shipment totals, value of shipments, employment, payroll and more.  News release with links to data in American Fact Finder tool.  From the Census Bureau


U.S. Department of Transportation Fines Honda $70 Million for Failing to Comply with Laws that Safeguard the Public

Categories: Govt/Business Scandals,Laws/Regulations,Manufacturing,Transportation$70-million


Agency press release about a pair of $35 million fines levied against Honda for failing to report deaths, injuries, and warranty claims to the federal government in violation of disclosure law.   Also provides a list of the major civil penalties imposed on vehicle manufacturers during 2014.  From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


2012 Manufacturing and International Trade Report

Categories: Foreign Trade/Investment,Manufacturing,Statistics

A new annual federal report that covers manufacturing data on the value of product shipments and associated export/import data.   From the Census Bureau


Taking Stock: North American Pollutant Releases and Transfers: Exploring Changes in PRTR Reporting, 2005-2010

Categories: Canada,Environment,Manufacturing,Mexico,Statistics

Documents pollutant releases and transfers reported to the three country commission over a six year period by about 35,000 industrial facilities in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.   Shows an increase in industrial pollution of 14% in the six year period.  From the Commission for Environmental Cooperation


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