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How Countrywide Used Its VIP Loan Program to Influence Washington Policymakers

Categories: Govt/Business Scandals,Housing/Homelessness,Lobbying

Reveals how a failed bank offered favored deals to Washington mortgage officials in exchange for influence on Capital Hill.  From the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


2011 Lobbying Disclosure: Observations on Lobbyists’ Compliance with Disclosure Requirements

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Lobbying

Latest annual report on compliance by lobbyists with disclosure requirements and quality of enforcement of lobbyist disclosure legislation.  From the Government Accountability Office

Categories: Headlines,Lobbying,Religion/Ethics,Statistics

Provides access to records on campaign finance, lobbying, visitors to White House, and government travel reports.  From the White House



Categories: Great Britain,Lobbying

Describes legislation advancing through Parliament that would create a register of lobbying activity and tighten regulations of lobbyists in Great Britain.  From the House of Commons Library


2010 Lobbying Disclosure: Observations on Lobbyists’ Compliance with Disclosure Requirements

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Lobbying

The 4th annual report on lobbyist compliance with disclosure requirements.  Also covers any challenges that lobbyists report to compliance and the effectiveness of enforcement of the requirements.  From the Government Accountability Office

Former Federal Trade Officials: Laws on Postemployment Activities, Foreign Representation, and Lobbying

Categories: Foreign Trade/Investment,Govt Personnel,Lobbying

Provides information on laws that place restrictions on the activities of former federal officials or create disclosure obligations.  The focus is on officials engaged in foreign trade positions.  From the Government Accountability Office.

Federal Lobbying Climbs in 2009 …

Categories: Lobbying,Statistics

Reports that federal lobbyists spent more than $3.47 billion last year to influence lawmakers, with the pharmaceutical and health products industry leading with spending of $266 million, the greatest amount ever spent on lobbying by a single industry for one year.  Report from a private organization using federal data.  From the Center for Responsive Politics.

Lobbying the Executive Branch: Current Practices and Options for Change

Categories: Lobbying

Discusses the development of registration requirements for lobbyists engaging executive branch officials since 1995 and summarizes steps taken by the Obama Administration to to limit and monitor lobbying of the executive branch, including restrictions on lobbying for economic recovery funds. Also discusses criticism of current lobbying policies and offers options for revision of lobbying laws and practices. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

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