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Librarian of Congress Seeks Input on Register of Copyrights

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Govt Personnel,Libraries/Museums

Survey form which offers members of public input on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by the person selected to be the next register of copyrights.  The survey will be available until 1/31/17.  From the Library of Congress


National Film Registry Reaches 700

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Libraries/Museums

Press release which announces the 25 films which are 2016 additions to the National Film Registry.  This year’s list includes Hollywood blockbusters, documentaries, silent films, animation, shorts, independent, and experimental pictures.  Examples include Blackboard Jungle,  The Birds, Lion King, Lost Horizon, Princess Bride, and Thelma and Louise.  From the Library of Congress


Reform of the U.S. Copyright Office

Categories: Congress,Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums

Proposal for reform of the Copyright Office including changing it into an independent entity within the legislative branch, making the head subject to Congressional approval, providing it with standing advisory committees, and upgrading its technology infrastructure.  Policy proposal from the House Judiciary Committee


Digest of Education Statistics 2015

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,Libraries/Museums,Statistics

The 51st edition of an annual compilation of education data including number of schools and colleges, teachers, enrollments, graduates, finances, federal funding, libraries, and international comparisons.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


State Library Administrative Agencies Survey: Fiscal Year 2014

Categories: Govt Finance,Libraries/Museums,Statistics

Provides a view of the condition of state library administrative agencies in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Covers trends in revenues, expenditures, and staffing.  From the Institute of Museum and Library Services

Categories: Congress,Govt Information,Libraries/Museums

They’ve been available only to members of Congress and subscribers but now a coalition of public interest groups has made freely available over 8,000 reports from the Congressional Research Service, the think-tank for Congress and part of the Library of Congress.  From Demand Progress and the Congressional Data Coalition


Copyright Office Special 1201 Study: Request for Additional Comments

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Property Rights

Requests additional comments from the public in connection with its ongoing study of the operation of laws regarding the circumvention of copyright protection systems.  From the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress, posted on the Federal Register.


Library of Congress Recommended Formats Statement 2016-2017

Categories: Libraries/Museums

Document which shows preferred and acceptable formats which are suitable for large-scale acquisition and preservation for long-term access of various categories of “creative content” including textual, still image, audio, moving image, software, datasets/databases, and websites. From the Library of Congress


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