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Earl Gregg Swem Library

Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Libraries/Museums,Literacy/Reading

Listen to recorded readings of famed writers such as Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, and Gwendolyn Brooks.  Contains nearly 2,000 recordings dating back to the 1940s.  From the Library of Congress


The National Plan for Access to U.S. Government Information

Categories: Govt Information,Libraries/Museums

Describes an ambitious plan for preserving U.S. government information via the Federal Depository Library Program, the Cataloging and Indexing Program, and the Federal Information Preservation Network.  From the Government Publishing Office


Library of Congress: Strong Leadership Needed to Address Serious Information Technology Management Weaknesses

Categories: Govt Information,Headlines,Libraries/Museums,Science/Technology

Criticizes the library for weak IT management and calls for hiring of a permanent chief information officer expeditiously.  From the Government Accountability Office


Public Libraries in the United States Survey Fiscal Year 2012

Categories: Libraries/Museums,Statistics

Provides data on investment in and use of public libraries.  Also includes public library indicators and state statistical profiles.  From the Institute of Museum  and Library Services


Transforming Document Recordation at the United States Copyright Office

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums

Reviews the history and current paper-based state of copyright recording and recommends creation of an electronic system to replace it.  Makes 9 recommendations about the features and functions of such a system.  From the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress


Cinematic Treasures Named to National Film Registry

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Libraries/Museums

Latest 25 films named to the National Film Registry.  Includes Saving Private Ryan, Rosemary’s Baby, Little Big Man, Rio Bravo, and the 2 minute Luxo Jr., the living desk lamp that became the Pixar “brand.”  From the Library of Congress


Fact Sheet: FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Plan to Reboot the E-Rate Program to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Digital Learning

Categories: Education,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Telecommunications/Internet

Presents the proposal of the FCC Chairman to modernize the E-Rate rules and funding levels.  Also describes the current high-speed Internet connectivity gap.  From the  Federal Communications Commission


E-Rate Data Update

Categories: Education,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Telecommunications/Internet

Staff report which summarizes and analyzes data gathered since summer 2014 regarding long-term funding needs of the E-Rate program which sponsors broadband Internet connections for schools and libraries. From the Federal Communications Commission


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