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Multifactor Productivity Trends in Manufacturing: 2016

Categories: Business/Economics,Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

Reports that productivity declined by 3.2% in 2016, the largest annual decline since the series began to be tracked in 1987.  14 of 18 manufacturing industries experienced productivity declines.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Foreign-Born Workers: Labor Force Characteristics: 2017

Categories: Immigration/Migration,Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Reports on the unemployment rate for foreign-born workers, 4.1% in 2017, down from 4.3% in 2016.  Includes demographic characteristics of these workers, occupations pursued, and earnings.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Race, Economics, and Social Status

Examines Consumer Expenditure Survey data to explore the patterns of social and economic factors in U.S. society by race and ethnicity.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Role of Formal Education in Work Experience Programs

Categories: Education,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Examines the extent to which work experience programs, such as apprenticeships and internships, are connected with formal education programs and the characteristics of such programs.  From the National Center for Education Statistics.


Employment Outlook for Bachelor’s-Level Occupations

Covers selected occupations requiring a bachelor’s degree with information about typical wages and projected openings.  Covers nine broad career fields including business, teaching, financial, social services, healthcare services, and information technology.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


College Enrollment and Work Activity of Recent High School and College Graduates: 2017

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Provides details on percentage of 2017 high school graduates enrolled in college and percentage of college graduates receiving degrees in 2017 who have employment.   Includes demographic characteristics of those covered and employment status of those with postsecondary degrees by type of degree. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Epic Systems Corp v. Lewis et al

Categories: Headlines,Labor/Employment,Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

5-4 Supreme Court decision that allows companies to require workers to settle employment  disputes through individualized arbitration proceedings rather than class action lawsuits.  The decision favors the Federal Arbitration Act over the National Labor Relations Act. From the Cornell University Legal Information Institute


Differences in Health Insurance Coverage Between Part-Time and Full-Time Private Sector Workers, 2005 and 2015

Categories: Health Insurance,Labor/Employment

Examines changes in health insurance coverage of non-elderly adults who worked for the same private sector employer throughout the year.  From 2005 to 2015 the percentage of part-time workers covered by some type of employer-sponsored insurance decreased by 10 percentage points.  From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


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