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The Current Population Survey—Tracking Unemployment in the United States for Over 75 Years

Categories: History,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Historical review of the major developments and changes in the Current Population Survey since the 1930s, especially with regard to its major function—the measurement of unemployment.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Union Members 2017

Categories: Labor Unions,Labor/Employment,Statistics

The union membership rate, meaning the percentage of wage and salary workers who were members of unions, was unchanged from the previous year at 10.7%.  In 1983, when such records began, the membership rate was 20.1%.  The rate of union membership was more than five times higher among public-sector workers than private-sector workers. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Association Health Plans

Categories: Headlines,Health Insurance,Labor/Employment,Laws/Regulations

Proposed rules that would allow small businesses to develop alternative health insurance plans that would bypass some of the protections in the Affordable Care Act.  They would not be required to include a core set of 10 essential benefits mandated by the ACA.  From the Employee Benefits Security Administration of the Labor Department


Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Admissions to the United States: Policy and Trends

Reviews the major nonimmigrant categories of admission to the U.S., the procedures by which they are approved, and statistical trends in the issuance of such visas.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


From Premed to Physician: Pursuing a Medical Career

Categories: Careers,Health/Medical,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Provides information for those considering a medical career.  Includes sections on undergraduate preparation, medical school, residency and licensure, working as a doctor, and other medical careers.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Work Experience of the Population, 2016

Categories: Labor/Employment,Statistics

Provides information on the number and percentage of people by gender, race, and Hispanic/Latino ethnicity who were employed part time or fulltime and those who were unemployed.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Occupational Requirements in the United States, 2017

Categories: Careers,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Provides brief summary of information about the physical demands, environmental conditions, education and training, and mental requirements for jobs within the U.S. economy.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Women in STEM: 2017 Update

Categories: Careers,Labor/Employment,Mathematics,Science/Technology,Statistics,Women

Reports on the lagging participation of female workers in science, technology, engineering and math fields.  Finds that women filled 47% of all U.S. jobs in 2015 but only 24% of STEM jobs.  From the Economics and Statistics Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce


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