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The Treaty of Lisbon: An Uncertain Future

Categories: European Union,Great Britain,Ireland,Treaties

Discusses the effect of the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty on the future of the European Union. Analyzes the Irish balloting, surveys the reaction to the Irish rejection in the United Kingdom and among the EU institutions, review ratification procedures in the other EU nations, and lays out options for the future. House of Commons Library Research Paper 08/66

The Barnett Formula

Categories: Govt Finance,Great Britain,Ireland

Describes the origin and operation of the Barnett Formula which assists in determining the budgets of the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, and the Northern Ireland Assembly. House of Commons Library Research Paper 07/91

Comparative Real Gross Domestic Product Per Capita and Per Employed Person: 16 Countries 1960-2006

Categories: Business/Economics,Ireland,Spain,Statistics

Presents comparative levels and trends in real gross domestic product for 16 countries, including Spain for the first time. Also includes Ireland for illustrative purposes. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Trade Union Membership 2006

Categories: Great Britain,Ireland,Labor Unions,Labor/Employment

Reports on the percentage of workers who are members of trade unions in Great Britain. Finds that the rate of union membership for employees in the United Kingdom fell by 0.6 percentage points to 28.4% in 2006, the largest annual percentage point drop since 1998. Also finds that a higher proportion of women than men are trade union members. Union membership was highest in Northern Ireland 39.7% and lowest in England 27%. From the British Department of Trade and Industry.

The Northern Ireland (St. Andrews Agreement) (No. 2) Bill

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Great Britain,Ireland

Reviews the latest political developments in Northern Ireland, especially with regard to the attempt to form a power-sharing executive. Also contains two tables with the results of the March 7th election. House of Commons Library Research Paper 07/32.

Northern Ireland: Prospects for Progress in 2006

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Great Britain,Ireland

Examines the prospects for political progress in Northern Ireland, especially the potential restoration of the suspended institutions of the Good Friday Agreement. From the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Causes of Homelessness Amongst Ethnic Minority Populations

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Housing/Homelessness,Ireland

Looks at the causes for homelessness in Great Britain and how those causes differ among South Asians, Black Caribbean/Black Africans, and the Irish. From the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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