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The Impact of Foreclosures on Neighborhood Crime

Categories: Crime/Justice,Financial Crisis/Markets,Housing/Homelessness

Examines whether and how elevated foreclosures affect different types of crime in the surrounding area by looking at five cities across the U.S.   From the National Criminal Justice Reference Service


Consumer Expenditures Midyear Update—July 2013 Through June 2014 Average

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Housing/Homelessness,Prices/Inflation,Statistics,Transportation

Shows trends in average consumer expenditures for such basics as food, housing, apparel, health care, and transportation.  Healthcare represented the highest percentage increase at 11.3%.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


New American Housing Survey Statistics Reveal Snapshot of U.S. Homes

Categories: Housing/Homelessness,Population/Census,Statistics,Transportation,Weather/Disasters

Agency press release with links to detailed housing statistic tables.  Discusses new questions on survey covering disaster preparedness, community involvement, neighborhood characteristics, and public transportation.  From the Census Bureau


Residential Vacancies and Homeownership in the Fourth Quarter 2014

Categories: Housing/Homelessness,Statistics

Shows vacancy rates for rental housing and homeowner housing and by quarter from 1995 for homeownership rates.  From the Census Bureau


Transitioning to Alternative Structures for Housing Finance

Categories: Financial Crisis/Markets,Govt Finance,Housing/Homelessness

The federal government through government sponsored enterprises like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae directly or indirectly insures over 70% of all new residential mortgages.  This report examines various proposals to attract more private capital to the secondary mortgage market and how the market could transition to a new structure during the coming decade.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Consumers’ Mortgage Shopping Experience

Categories: Business/Economics,Consumer Info/Protection,Housing/Homelessness

Subtitled: A First Look at Results from the National Survey of Mortgage Borrowers.  Examines information related to consumers’ efforts to obtain a mortgage from initial searching through ultimate closing.  From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Independence for Young Millennials: Moving Out and Boomeranging Back

Categories: Housing/Homelessness,Statistics,Youth

Examines the process of household formation by young adults born between 1980 and 1984.    Finds that the likelihood of young adults to move out and boomerang back to parental homes is correlated with certain individual and family characteristics.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Student Loan Debt and Economic Outcomes

Categories: Business/Economics,Education-Higher,Housing/Homelessness,Prices/Inflation,Youth


Examines the impact of student loan liabilities on homeownership status and wealth accumulation.  From the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston


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