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History of Child Labor in the United States: Part 2: The Reform Movement

Categories: Children,Congress,History,Labor/Employment,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Discusses the struggle to pass child labor reform at the federal level due to the opposition of some states, especially in the South. A breakthru came in 1916 with the passage of legislation giving Congress the authority to regulate commerce between states.  From the Monthly Labor Review of the Bureau of Labor Statistics


History of Child Labor in the United States: Part One: Little Children Working

Categories: Children,History,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Discusses the use of child labor in the U.S., concentrating on the period after the Civil War through the rise of the child labor reform movement.  From the Monthly Labor Review of the Bureau of Labor Statistics


CREST: 25-Year Program Archive

Categories: Govt Information,Govt Secrecy,History,Spying/Intelligence

Introduces a revised site for accessing declassified Central Intelligence Agency reports.  From the Central Intelligence Agency


Foreign Relations of the United States, 1981-1988, Volume VI, Soviet Union, October 1986-January 1989

Categories: Arms Control,Communism,Foreign Affairs,History,Russia,Treaties

The second of four bilateral volumes on the Soviet Union.  Focuses on arms control negotiations, especially the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).  From the Office of the Historian of the State Department


Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977-1980, Volume XXIII, Mexico, Cuba, and the Caribbean

Categories: Communism,Cuba,Energy,Foreign Affairs,History,Latin America,Mexico

Documents foreign policy decision maker in the Carter Administration including an attempted coup in the Dominican Republic, efforts to normalize relations with Cuba, natural gas negotiations with Mexico, the Mariel Sealift, and the Jonestown Massacre.  From the State Department


The U.S. Government’s Santa-Tracking Mission

Categories: Defense/Military,Headlines,History,Maps/Geography

Explains the history of how the Continental Air Defense Command got into the business of playing Santa Claus in 1955 because of an erroneous newspaper ad.  Also tries to sell some
GPO merchandise.  From the Government Publishing Office’s Government Book Talk Blog


Has the U.S. Government Ever “Defaulted”?

Categories: Business/Economics,Financial Crisis/Markets,Govt Finance,History

Looks at the meaning of the financial term “default,” and at three historic time periods—1812, 1814, and 1979—when the government had major problems in meeting financial obligations. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Nunn-Lugar 25th Anniversary Shows Cooperative Security Worked

Categories: Communism,History,Nuclear Arms,Russia,WMD

Summarizes effort to avoid nuclear arms proliferation following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Includes full text of ten newly declassified documents describing the location and condition of the nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and the effort to eliminate them before they deteriorated or disappeared.  From the National Security Archive


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