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Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Headlines,Health/Medical,Science/Technology

Recommendations presented to the Secretaries of Agriculture and Health and Human Services to provide current scientific evidence on topics related to diet, nutrition, and health.  The recommendations will be used in the development of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans for 2015 to be released later this year.  From


U.S. Export Policy for Military Unmanned Aerial Systems

Categories: Defense/Military,Foreign Trade/Investment,Headlines,Homeland Security,Science/Technology

Describes the new export policy involving sale, transfer, and subsequent use of military drones.  The full details of the policy are classified but this document summarizes the conditions which must be met for such sales to occur and the principles for proper use of U.S.-origin military UAS.   From the State Department


Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies: Academic Program Year 2013-2014

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Defense/Military,Education-Higher,Headlines,Sex Issues,Statistics

Reports that the percentage of academy men and women reporting sexual assaults or unwanted sexual contact in 2013-14 was lower than the previous year.  Includes data and analysis on cases of sexual assault and harassment and assessment in the areas of prevention, investigation, accountability and victim assistance.  From the Defense Department


Executive Order: Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Headlines,Homeland Security,Privacy,Science/Technology,Telecommunications/Internet

Promotes the voluntary creation of private/public Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations to counter cybersecurity threats. Also calls for the government to select a nongovernmental organization to serve as the Standards Organization which will identify a set of common cybersecurity standards.  From the White House


DOT and FAA Propose New Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Categories: Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Transportation

Press release announcing a framework of regulations to allow routine use of small drones in today’s aviation system.  The proposal covers UAS devices under 55 pounds conducting non-recreational operations. Contains links to a summary of the proposed rules including operational limitations, operator responsibilities, and aircraft requirements.  From the Federal Aviation Administration


Remarks by the President on Request to Congress for Authorization of Force Against ISIL

Categories: Arab,Congress,Defense/Military,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Middle East Conflict

Explanation of the president for the decision to seek from Congress an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against the Islamic State.  From the White House


Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Categories: Arab,Congress,Defense/Military,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Middle East Conflict

Text of the draft resolution sent by President Obama to the Congress.  From the White House


Drug and Alcohol Crash Risk

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Headlines,Statistics,Traffic Accidents,Transportation

Tries to measure the severity of drug-impaired driving problems.  Finds  that marijuana users are more likely to be involved in traffic crashes but such users are more likely to be young men, a group already at high risk for accidents.  From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


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