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Presidential Task Force on Combating IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud: Action Plan for Implementing the Task Force Recommendations

Categories: Foreign Trade/Investment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Natural Resources

Describes the international and domestic steps that will be taken to track seafood from harvest to entry into U.S. commerce to prevent illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.  From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United States

Categories: Energy,Headlines,Natural Resources

Presents a new vision for wind energy in the U.S. through 2050.  This report assesses the potential economic, environmental, and social benefits of a scenario where U.S. wind power supplies 10% of the nation’s electrical demands in 2020, 20% in 2030, and 35% in 2050.  From the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy of the Energy Department


Presidential Memorandum—Student Aid Bill of Rights

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Education-Higher,Headlines,Presidency

Presidential document that provides support for students with education debt through creation of  state-of-the-art complaint and feedback system, additional protections for student loan borrowers, higher standards for loan servicers, and fairer treatment of struggling borrowers.  From the White House


FCC Open Internet Order

Categories: Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Telecommunications/Internet

Three page agency press release which summarizes the content of the final rules which regulate the Internet like a public utility.   From the Federal Communications Commission


In the Matter of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet

Categories: Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Telecommunications/Internet

The 400 page text of the controversial regulations relating to broadband Internet service providers, plus supporting and dissenting statements from FCC commissioners and the legal authority behind the rules.  From the Federal Communications Commission


Updated Budget Projections: 2015 to 2025

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Statistics,Taxes

Updates baseline budget projections issued earlier in the year.  Now predicts that the federal budget deficit will total $486 billion in fiscal year 2015.  Also revises earlier estimate on budgetary effects of the Affordable Care Act lowering the net cost to the federal government by 11% over the 2016-2025 period..  From the Congressional Budget Office


The Effects of Rising Student Costs in Higher Education: Evidence from Public Institutions in Virginia

Categories: Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Headlines,Virginia Issues

Analyzes the effects of withdrawal of public funding from Virginia’s institutions of higher education, especially in matters of access, and how institutions in Virginia have responded to this loss of state funding.  From Ithaka S&R with the cooperation of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.


Department of Justice Report Regarding the Criminal Investigation into the Shooting Death of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson

Categories: African Americans,Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Headlines,Urban Issues

Announces that the evidence does not support bringing federal civil rights charges against Officer Wilson.  Presents the evidence from witness statements, the autopsies, blood, and ballistics and explains the relevant law. From the Justice Department


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