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Executive Order Number Forty Four (2015): Establishing the Commission on Parole Review

Categories: Crime/Justice,Headlines,Virginia Issues

Establishes a Parole Review Commission to examine the costs, benefits, and effectiveness of the law which abolished parole in the state, evaluate best practices in other states, and recommend other strategies for reducing crime and recidivism.  From the Office of the Governor.


Progress for Children: Beyond Averages: Learning from the MDGs

Categories: Children,Education,Headlines,Income/Poverty,United Nations

Final report on the child-related Millennium Development Goals of the UN.  Despite progress, millions of children are living in poverty, dying before they turn five, and suffering chronic malnutrition.  From UNICEF


The United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict

Categories: Arab,Civil/Human Rights,Headlines,Israel,Middle East Conflict,United Nations

Suggests that possible war crimes were committed by both Palestinian and Israeli armed groups during the 51 day conflict.  Includes both the report and detailed findings of the Commission.  From the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


Horne v. Department of Agriculture

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Headlines,Property Rights,Supreme Court/courts

8-1 Supreme Court decision that a Depression-era federal program that requires farmers to turn over a portion of their raisin crop  to support market prices is an unconstitutional taking of property.  From the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell University Law School


Climate Change in the United States: Benefits of Global Action

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Health/Medical,Natural Resources

Estimates the physical and monetary benefits to the U.S. of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.  Summarizes results from a five-year, peer-reviewed analysis, the Climate Change Impacts and Risks Analysis (CIRA) project.  Predicts that a global agreement to cut ghg emissions would prevent nearly 70,000 premature American deaths by the end of the 21st century.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


Country Reports on Terrorism 2014

Categories: Crime/Justice,Foreign Affairs,Headlines,Terrorism

Annual report on trends and events in international terrorism with sections on regions of the world, state sponsors of terrorism, and foreign terrorist organizations.  From the State Department


Budgetary and Economic Effects of Repealing the Affordable Care Act

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Health Insurance,Laws/Regulations

First considers the effect of ACA repeal on health insurance coverage and on the federal budget over the next 10 years and then the macroeconomic effects of repeal.  Finds that ACA repeal would increase the federal deficit by $137 billion over the 2016-2025 period.   From the Congressional Budget Office


Encyclical Letter Laudato Si of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Headlines,Religion/Ethics

The English text of the encyclical from the Pope on global warming and the destruction of the human environment.  From the Vatican


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