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United States of America v. Robert F. McDonnell

Categories: Crime/Justice,Govt/Business Scandals,Headlines,Supreme Court/courts,Virginia Issues

Decision of a three judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit which affirmed the public corruption conviction of former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell.  McDonnell was convicted and sentenced to a two year prison term.  From Justia


Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2014

Categories: Crime/Justice,Education,Education-Higher,Headlines,Statistics

Annual report on crimes occurring in schools and colleges.  Covers such topics as victimization, bullying, school conditions, fights, weapons, security staff, drugs and alcohol, and student perceptions of safety at school.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


Growing the Military Mission in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Executive Summary and Public Report

Categories: Defense/Military,Headlines,Homeland Security,Virginia Issues

Outlines ways that Virginia can help strengthen the military’s national security role while aiding economic activity in the state and avoiding base closures in the near future.   Among the 20 recommendations: creation of a Center of Excellence at William and Mary devoted to a “Whole of Government” approach to national security challenges.  From the Governor’s Commission on Military Installations and Defense Activities.


Interior Department Issues Final Determination for Two Federal Acknowledgment Petitioners

Categories: Govt Processes/Organization,Headlines,Native Americans,Virginia Issues

Press release on federal recognition for the Pamunkey Indian Tribe of Southeastern Virginia.  From the Bureau of Indian Affairs


State Department Virtual Reading Room, Clinton Emails

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Govt Information,Headlines

Latest batch of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be released by the Department of State.


Michigan v. EPA

Categories: Environment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

5 to 4 Supreme Court decision which blocks further implementation of a 2011 EPA regulation under the Clean Air Act designed to control toxic mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants.  The court majority said the EPA failed to consider the costs of pollution control.  From the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell University Law School


Glossip v. Gross

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Headlines,Supreme Court/courts

5 to 4 Supreme Court decision that rejected a challenge to the death penalty brought by death-row inmates in Oklahoma.  The inmates alleged that the use of a sedative called midazolam led to violations of the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. From the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell University Law School


Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

5-4 Supreme Court decision that independent commissions, created within a state and bypassing the state legislature, may draw election district lines.  The case involved an Arizona commission set up by voters to create less partisan redistricting processes than those of the state legislature.  From the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell University Law School


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