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Consumers Benefitted from 80/20 Rule in 2013

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Latest annual report on estimated consumer savings due to the so-called 80/20 rule of the Affordable Care Act (aka the Medical Loss Ratio rule) which requires insurers to refund money to plan enrollees if companies spend more than 20% of premiums on administrative overhead, profits, or related non- medical care expenses.  From the Department of Health and Human Services


King et al. v. Burwell

Categories: Headlines,Health Insurance,Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

Unanimous decision of a 3 judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit that the language of the Affordable Care Act covers insurance subsidies for both state-run and federal-run plans.  From


Halbig v. Burwell

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2-1 decision of a panel of the DC Court of Appeals that the language of the Affordable Care Act restricts insurance subsidies to state-run plans and not federal plans substituting for the state.   From


The Economic Effects of the President’s 2015 Budget

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Presidency,Statistics

Annual report which shows the effects that all of the president’s budget proposals would have on the economy and the implications of those macroeconomic effects for the budget.  From the Congressional Budget Office


U.S. Sentencing Commission Votes Unanimously to Allow Delayed Retroactive Reduction in Drug Trafficking Sentences

Categories: Crime/Justice,Drug Trafficking,Headlines

Press release announcing decision to reduce federal sentencing guideline levels for drug trafficking at the base level and apply the reduced sentences retroactively to those in prison.  The reductions would become effective after November 1, 2015.  From the U.S. Sentencing Commission


Proposal to Protect the Bristol Bay Watershed

Categories: Environment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Natural Resources

Proposed regulation designed to protect Bristol Bay Alaska salmon fishery waters from damage from copper mining.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


First Chikungunya Case Acquired in the United States Reported in Florida

Categories: Headlines,Health/Medical

Reports on the first locally-acquired case of the mosquito-borne virus Chikungunya in Florida.  Prior to this, the only occurrence of cases in the U.S. were in travelers returning from trips overseas.  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Report on the Potential Exposure to Anthrax

Categories: Govt/Business Scandals,Headlines,Health/Medical,Science/Technology

Describes what happened, why it happened, and what has been done to ensure it won’t happen again in this “after-action” report on the mishandling of anthrax in a CDC laboratory.   From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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