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Contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Procurement,Taxes

Provides the answers to 14 frequently asked questions regarding current restrictions on federal contracting with inverted domestic corporations—corporations that have incorporated abroad to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Personnel,Govt Procurement,Govt/Business Scandals,Religion/Ethics

A selection of cases revealing ethical failures in matters of government service to be used as a training tool for government employees.  Includes such matters as abuse of position, bribery, conflicts of interest, gift-time-or travel violations and more.  From the Department of Defense


Data Transparency: Oversight Needed to Address Underreporting and Inconsistencies on Federal Award Website

Categories: Govt Finance,Govt Procurement,Laws/Regulations,Telecommunications/Internet

Examines flaws in the federal website, which was set up under the authority of 2006 legislation to enable tracking of how the federal government spends $1 trillion annually on contracts and grants.  From the Government Accountability Office


Federal Government Strategic Sourcing of Information Products and Services

Categories: Govt Finance,Govt Procurement,Statistics

Provides information on the acquisition of information goods and services, including electronic databases, books, and serials by the federal government.  Identifies amount spent and vendors from FY1979 through first quarter of FY2014.  From the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress


State Government Contracts: A Research Guide

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Procurement,Laws/Regulations

A list of resources for contracting with a typical state government, in this case Maryland.  From the Law Library of Congress.


Government Contracts: A Beginner’s Guide

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Procurement,Laws/Regulations

A list of resources, both print and electronic, for contracting with the federal government.  From the Law Library of Congress


Questionable Acquisitions: Problematic IT Contracting at the IRS

Categories: Govt Procurement,Taxes

Charges that contracting weaknesses at the Internal Revenue Service expose large sums to fraud and abuse and makes recommendations for improving the process.  From the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.


Transforming Government Acquisition Systems: Overview and Selected Issues

Categories: Govt Procurement

Provides an overview of major federal acquisition systems and a discussion of selected topics, such as the role of electronic systems and the quality of procurement data.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


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