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The OPM Data Breach: How the Government Jeopardized Our National Security for More Than a Generation

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Committee staff report on the hacking of Office of Personnel Management data bases by foreign sources in 2015.  The report blames the agency for failing to heed repeated warnings about inadequate security and for misleading the public on the extent of the damage.  From the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform


Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth 2015-2016

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Annual report on the officers, agencies, boards, and commissions of the Virginia state government.  Also contains a brief description of the duties of each agency and department.  From the Secretary of the Commonwealth


Federal Workforce: Distribution of Performance Ratings Across the Federal Government, 2013

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The report on federal government performance evaluation systems which found that 99% of permanent, non-Senior Executive Service level employees were rated at or above the “fully successful level and 61% were rated “outstanding.”  From the Government Accountability Office


Sheriff’s Office Personnel, 1993-2013

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Presents statistics on persons employed by sheriffs’ offices and employment trends from 1993.  From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


Premiums and Employee Contributions for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: Private versus Public Sector, 2014

Categories: Govt Personnel,Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Statistics

Presents estimates of average premiums and employee contributions for single, employee-plus-one, and family coverage.  Finds that the average premiums for public sector employees were higher in each category than for private sector employees with variations across geographic areas.  Federal employees were excluded.   From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


President Obama’s Nominee for Librarian of Congress

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Announces the nomination of Dr. Carla Hayden, head of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, to be the new Librarian of Congress. She is the first woman and the first African American to hold the position. From the White House


United States Secret Service: An Agency in Crisis

Categories: Govt Finance,Govt Personnel,Govt/Business Scandals,Headlines,Homeland Security,Presidency

Examines problems in Secret Service presidential protection services with a focus on four incidents occurring over the past 5 years. Finds continuing serious deficiencies in White House protection and offers recommendations for improvement. From the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform


Librarian of Congress Succession Modernization Act of 2015

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Includes text and all actions of Senate bill 2162 signed into law by President Obama on 11/5/15 (PL 114-86) which changes the Librarian of Congress position from a lifetime appointment to a 10 year term. Responds to complaints about management at LC during Billington’s long tenure as head. From


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