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FBI Releases Documents in Hillary Clinton E-Mail Investigation

Press release announcing public availability of the summary of Hillary Clinton’s July 2016 interview with FBI officials concerning allegations that classified information was improperly stored/transmitted on a personal e-mail server.  Also includes a factual summary of the FBI investigation.  Contains links to text of documents in FBI’s Vault site. The documents released for public viewing represent only a portion of the material turned over to congressional committees. From the Federal Bureau of Investigation


The President’s Daily Brief: Delivering Intelligence to Nixon and Ford

Categories: Govt Information,Headlines,History,Presidency,Spying/Intelligence

Booklet which describes the documents and the PDB process.  Issued on the occasion of the release of about 2,500 formerly classified PDBs from the administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.  From the Central Intelligence Agency


President’s Daily Brief: 1969-1977

Categories: Govt Information,Headlines,History,Presidency,Spying/Intelligence

The texts of about 2,500 formerly classified daily briefings for Presidents Nixon and Ford from CIA officials.  Features day-by-day intelligence on national security issues and concerns.  From the Central Intelligence Agency Freedom of Information Electronic Reading Room


Sexual Violence Data: Actions Needed to Improve Clarity and Addresses Differences Across Federal Data Collection Efforts

Categories: Crime/Justice,Govt Information,Sex Issues,Statistics

Concerns have grown about the incidence of sexual violence, especially among college students, military personnel, and incarcerated individuals.  This report examines current federal efforts to collect data on sexual violence and how differences in these collection efforts may affect the understanding of sexual violence.  From the Government Accountability Office



Categories: Govt Information,Science/Technology

New full text, online archive of journal articles from NASA-funded research.  The material will be freely available at this site one year after publication in the peer-reviewed journal.  From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration


2015 Report to the President: Information Security Oversight Office

Categories: Govt Finance,Govt Information,Govt Secrecy

The annual report on how much information has been classified by the federal government and what it costs.  Includes trends in classification and declassification.  Finds that classification activities cost the government $16 billion in FY2015.  From the Information Security Oversight Office


Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth 2015-2016

Categories: Govt Information,Govt Personnel,Virginia Issues$file/RD208.pdf

Annual report on the officers, agencies, boards, and commissions of the Virginia state government.  Also contains a brief description of the duties of each agency and department.  From the Secretary of the Commonwealth


Opportunity to Enter into a Joint Venture with the National Technical Information Service for Data Innovation Support

Categories: Govt Information

Invites proposals from for-profit, non-profit, or research organizations to enter partnerships with NTIS to assist federal agencies to develop innovative ways to collect, analyze and use federal data and data services.  From the National Technical Information Service.


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