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Rosenberg Grand Jury Transcripts

Categories: Communism,Crime/Justice,Govt Information,History,Spying/Intelligence

Features the release of the last remaining sealed grand jury testimony, that of William Danziger, in the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted of spying for the Soviet Union in the early 1950s.  From the National Archives


McCaskill, Carper Letter to White House and Archivist of the U.S. Regarding Compliance with Presidential Records Act

Categories: Govt Information,Laws/Regulations

Questions whether use by White House officials of communications applications that automatically delete messages violate the Presidential Records Act.  Also questions the use of social media platforms, whether personal and official accounts are properly separated, and whether all communications are being preserved.  From the Minority leadership of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs


Congressional Record Bound Edition

Categories: Congress,Govt Information

Now includes coverage of the period 1971-1980.  The site now includes 30 years of coverage from 1971-2001  Includes the History of Bills, Daily Digest, and Subject Index for each session.  From the Government Publishing Office


FOIA Request: Number of “Crimes Reports” Concerning Unauthorized Disclosures of Classified Information Received

Categories: Govt Information,Govt Secrecy

In response to current administration concerns about “out-of-control “government leaks, this letter responds to a FOIA request and reveals that 37 crime reports relating to leaks of classified information were received by the Justice Department during 2016.  The average number of such leaks reported between 2009 and 2015 was 39.7.  For 2009-2015 year-by-year data, see




Guidance on Presidential Records

Categories: Govt Information,Laws/Regulations,Presidency

Provides background information on the Presidential Records Act, and how the Archives assists the presidential staff in managing its records.  Issued at the start of presidential administrations since 2000.  From the National Archives and Records Administration


Public Interest Groups: Agencies Must Notify Public Before Stripping Online Government Data

Categories: Govt Information,Laws/Regulations

Describes letter sent by public interest groups to Office of Management and Budget officials reminding them that federal regulations require that agencies notify the public before removing public information from government agency websites.  Also contains link to text of letter.




Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report

Categories: Govt Information,Homeland Security

Announces the demise of a daily report source on homeland security matters which began in 2011.  From the Department of Homeland Security


CREST: 25-Year Program Archive

Categories: Govt Information,Govt Secrecy,History,Spying/Intelligence

Introduces a revised site for accessing declassified Central Intelligence Agency reports.  From the Central Intelligence Agency


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