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Biennial Budgeting: Issues, Options, and Congressional Actions

Categories: Congress,Govt Finance

Discusses proposals for changing the U.S. government to a two year budgeting cycle, the advantages from proponents, and the disadvantages from opponents.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Congressional Statistics, 2015 Expanded Edition

Categories: Govt Finance,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Presents statistics on the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs, including the number of recipients and the amount of total monthly payments in the nation, each state, and each congressional district.  From the Social Security Administration


SSI Annual Statistical Report, 2015

Categories: Disability,Govt Finance,Mental Health,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services,Women

Provides a statistical summary of the Supplemental Security Income Program including the number of recipients, average monthly payment, total payments for the year, and characteristics of recipients.  From the Social Security Administration


Cabinet Exit Memos: Our Record of Progress and the Work Ahead

A series of memos from members of the Obama cabinet summarizing accomplishments over the past eight years and offering a vision for the country’s future.  Includes a cover letter from the president.   From the White House


Summary of an Analysis of the Navy’s Fiscal Year 2017 Shipbuilding Plan

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Statistics

Analyzes the costs of carrying out the Navy’s plan to expand the fleet to 308 battle force ships over the next 30 years.  The average annual cost, estimated at about $21 billion, would be one-third more than the average amount spent on shipbuilding in recent decades.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Trends in Spending by the Department of Defense for Operation and Maintenance

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Govt Personnel,Statistics

The O&M portion is one of four main parts of the DoD budget which also includes compensation of personnel, developing and purchasing weapons, and building bases/facilities/housing.  O&M is the largest budget component and this study analyzes what it covers and why it is growing.  From the Congressional Budget Office


CBO’s 2016 Long-Term Projections for Social Security: Additional Information

Categories: Govt Finance,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Taxes

Presents additional information about long-term projections for Social Security in the form of 12 exhibits that illustrate the program’s finances and the distribution of benefits paid and revenues received to and from various segments of the population.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Economic Report of the President 2017

Also includes the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers.  Sections on reforming the financial and health care systems, reducing inequality, investing in higher education, and responding to climate change.  Also includes statistical tables on the U.S. economy.  From the Federal Digital System of the Government Publishing Office


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