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Projections of Education Statistics to 2024

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Statistics

Covers projections for enrollment, graduates, teachers, and expenditures in elementary and secondary education.  Covers projections for enrollment, earned degrees conferred, and expenditures of postsecondary institutions.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


2015 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics,Taxes

Press release announcing that state government tax revenue collections increased by 4.8% to $916.5 billion in 2015.  Revenue statistics are broken into type of tax.  Includes links to detailed statistics in the American Fact Finder and other downloadable tables.  From the Census Bureau


U.S. R&D Increased by More Than $20 Billion in Both 2013 and 2014, with Similar Increase Estimated for 2015

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Science/Technology,Statistics

Research and development in the U.S. totaled $477.7 billion in 2014. Offers 4 tables which cover R&D expenditures by performing sector and source of funding, annual rates of growth in R&D spending from 1980s, 2014 expenditures by type of work, and the same topic from the 1970s to date. From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation


Generic Drugs Under Medicare: Part D Generic Drug Prices Declined Overall, but Some Had Extraordinary Price Increases

Categories: Govt Finance,Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid,Prices/Inflation

Describes how generic drug prices under Medicare have changed over time, the extent to which generic drugs experienced extraordinary price increases and how that affected benefit design, and the factors identified as contributors to price changes.  From the Government Accountability Office


Investigative Report: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Analysis of Patent Examiners’ Time and Attendance

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Govt Finance,Govt/Business Scandals,Headlines,Statistics

Full text of the report on time and attendance abuse by patent examiners at the Patent and Trademark Office.  Identified 137,000 unsupported hours of claimed work at a cost of nearly $8.8 million in a 9 month period.  From the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Commerce


Governor McAuliffe’s Year-End Address to the Joint Money Committees of the General Assembly

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Virginia Issues

Announces revenues rose only 1.7% compared to forecast of 3.2% resulting in $1.5 billion shortfall and belt-tightening measures including diversion of money earmarked for salary increases for state workers to fill the revenue gap.  From the Office of the Governor


An Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2016 to 2026

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Statistics,Taxes

Projects that the deficit under current law will be larger this year than predicted in March but that deficits will be smaller over the 2017-2026 period.   From the Congressional Budget Office



2016-17 Tuition and Fees at Virginia’s State-Supported Colleges and Universities

Categories: Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Headlines,Prices/Inflation,Statistics,Virginia Issues$file/RD248.pdf

Reports that tuition and required fees at Virginia’s public institutions of higher education will increase by an average of 4.6% for fall 2016.  The average increase for in-state students is 2.9%.  Also provides a summary of four items: board-approved tuition and fee increases for 2016-17, tuition and fee trends in Virginia over the past 25 years, the cost-sharing relationship between the state and students, and national tuition trends.  Includes tables showing charges and fees by school.  From the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia


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