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Mexico Country Analysis

Categories: Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment,Mexico,Statistics

Latest analysis of Mexico’s energy sector including its oil production, reserves, and exploration.  Mexico is one of the leading suppliers to the U.S. but its production levels have been dropping and in December 2013 constitutional reforms ended the 75 year monopoly of the state-owned oil company.  From the Energy Information Administration


Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Drivers of U.S. Economic Competitiveness

Categories: Business/Economics,Foreign Trade/Investment

Looks at the impact of foreign investment on the U.S. economy, the attractiveness of the U.S. as a destination for foreign investment, and investment trends by geographic and industrial sector.  From the International Trade Administration


Brazil: Political and Economic Situation and U.S. Relations

Categories: Brazil,Drug Trafficking,Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment

Describes current political and economic situation of Brazil and recent strains in Brazil-U.S. relations due to alleged National Security Agency activities inside Brazil.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Petroleum Refining: Industry’s Outlook Depends on Market Changes and Key Environmental Regulations

Categories: Business/Economics,Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment,Laws/Regulations

Examines recent legal and regulatory changes that have affected the petroleum refining industry and the future of the industry, including domestic consumption levels and demand from foreign markets.  From the Government Accountability Office


China’s Hunger for U.S. Planes and Cars: Assessing the Risks

Categories: China,Foreign Trade/Investment,Transportation

U.S. trade deficits with China are being lowered due to increasing U.S. exports in transportation goods, but this report warns of possible future problems due to technology transfer and Chinese industrial policy.  From the U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission


Net Energy Imports in 2013 Lowest in More than 20 Years

Categories: Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics

Shows trend line for net energy imports from 1985 to date.  From the Energy Information Administration


Trade Barriers that U.S. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Perceive as Affecting Exports to the European Union

Categories: Business/Economics,European Union,Foreign Trade/Investment,Laws/Regulations

Cites problems related to standards, trade secrets, patenting costs, and logistics as major barriers for small and medium-sized companies for trading in the European market.  From the investigation of the U.S. International Trade Commission


U.S. Net International Investment Position: End of the Fourth Quarter and Year 2013

Categories: Business/Economics,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics

At the end of 2013, foreign investment in the U.S. exceeded U.S. investment in other countries by $4,577.5 billion.  The comparable figure for 2012 was -$3,863.9 billion.  From the Bureau of Economic Analysis


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