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Presidential Memorandum Regarding the Mexico City Policy

Categories: Abortion/Contraception,Foreign Assistance,Headlines,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations,Presidency

Presidential action which revokes the policy of 2009 and restores the policy of 2001 banning U.S. financial support for international health programs which provide or support abortion services.  From the White House


The Open Government Partnership: Announcing New Open Government Initiatives

Categories: Foreign Assistance,Govt Processes/Organization,Govt Procurement,Telecommunications/Internet

Announces several new initiatives to those already introduced with the Third Open Government National Action Plan in October 2015.  Among the new initiatives: supporting global Internet connectivity, open contracting, harnessing the data revolution for sustainable development, and promoting greater transparency in delivery of foreign assistance.  From the White House, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.


Foreign Assistance: Actions Needed to Improve Transparency and Quality of Data on

Categories: Foreign Assistance,Statistics

Investigates the quality and comprehensiveness of foreign assistance data gathered by 22 federal agencies and contributed to the website.  From the Government Accountability Office


Security Assistance: U.S. Government Should Strengthen End-Use Monitoring and Human Rights Vetting for Egypt

Categories: Arab,Civil/Human Rights,Defense/Military,Egypt,Foreign Assistance

Examines the U.S. funds provided to Egypt in 2011-2015 for security purposes, whether they were properly distributed and secured, and whether the Egyptian recipients were properly vetted for human rights concerns. From the Government Accountability Office


2016 World Development Indicators

Categories: Foreign Assistance,Nongovernmental organizations,Statistics

Focuses on a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to guide action over the next 15 years.  Separate sections with indicators for People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links.  From the World Bank

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Security Assistance and Cooperation: Shared Responsibility of the Departments of State and Defense

Categories: Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs,Foreign Assistance,Laws/Regulations,Terrorism

Describes the shared responsibility where State provides oversight and general direction for military and security assistance programs, while Defense administers them.  Also describes how Congressional legislation and Executive directives have modified and refined these roles and current issues.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


The Obama Administration’s Feed the Future Initiative

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Food/Nutrition,Foreign Assistance

Describes the international development program launched in 2010 that invests in food security and agricultural development activities in a select group of countries. Covers key features, funding, accomplishments, and issues for Congress. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Climate Finance in 2013-14 and the USD 100 Billion Goal

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Foreign Assistance,Nongovernmental organizations,Weather/Disasters

Provides an up-to-date estimate of public and private climate financing mobilized by developed countries towards their 2010 Cancun commitment for climate action in developing countries. From the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


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