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Fact Sheet: DOT Issues Show Cause Order for U.S. Cuba Service to Havana

Categories: Cuba,Foreign Affairs,Laws/Regulations,Transportation

Provides questions and answers about the new, limited flights from U.S. cities to Havana, which cities and airlines have been selected, when flights will begin, what categories of travelers will be eligible to go, and how the services are related to laws and regulations pertaining to travel to Cuba.  From the Department of Transportation


U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Proposes U.S. Airlines and Cities for New Scheduled Service to Havana

Categories: Cuba,Foreign Affairs,Transportation

Announces cities and airlines selected to begin offering flights to Havana, Cuba as part of the Obama Administration’s normalization plan.  The selected cities were chosen as centers of substantial Cuban-American population and as important aviation hub centers.  From the Department of Transportation


Digest of United States Practice in International Law 2015

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Foreign Affairs,Laws/Regulations,Treaties

An annual publication which provides the public with a historical record of the views and practices of the U.S. Government in public and private international law.  From the State Department


Investment Climate Statements for 2016

Categories: Business/Economics,Foreign Affairs,Statistics

Country and economy-specific information and assessments on investment-related laws and other important factors for U.S. businesses in deciding on where to do business abroad.  Prepared in U.S. embassies and consulates, the statements cover strengths and weaknesses and recent trends in each economy’s environment for foreign investment. From the State Department


Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on the Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Personal E-mail System

Finds that Secretary Clinton was extremely careless in handling sensitive information on a private email server, that the security culture in the State Department was lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the government, but that the FBI could not find a case to support bringing criminal charges in its recommendation to the Justice Department.  From the Federal Bureau of Investigation


Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977-1980, Volume XXX, Public Diplomacy

Categories: Foreign Affairs,History,Propaganda

Documents the public diplomacy efforts of the Carter administration.   A main emphasis is the major role that the U.S. Information Agency (later to be known as the U.S. International Communication Agency) played in the formulation and implementation of public diplomacy.  From the Office of the Historian of the State Department

(foreign affairs     history     propaganda)

Newly Digitized Foreign Relations Volumes

Categories: Foreign Affairs,History

Announces the release of newly digitized versions of 23 volumes from the Foreign Relations of the U.S. series originally published in print between 1955 and 1982, covering events that took place between 1940 and 1951. Latest in a series of releases until the entire series is digitized.   From the Office of the Historian of the Department of State


Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977-1980, Volume XXVIII, Organization and Management of Foreign Policy

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Foreign Trade/Investment,Headlines,History,Laws/Regulations,Spying/Intelligence

Focuses on four key areas of the Carter administration’s management of foreign policy: reforming of the National Security Council system, attempting to restructure the intelligence community, Civil Service and Foreign Service reform legislation, and centralization of matters related to economics and trade.  From the Office of the Historian of the Department of State


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