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2015 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

The annual report, now in its 40th year, on the status of human rights conditions in 199 countries and territories around the world.  Each country report follows a standard format with sections devoted to civil liberties, political freedoms, corruption in government, human trafficking, and worker rights.  From the State Department


Security Assistance and Cooperation: Shared Responsibility of the Departments of State and Defense

Categories: Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs,Foreign Assistance,Laws/Regulations,Terrorism

Describes the shared responsibility where State provides oversight and general direction for military and security assistance programs, while Defense administers them.  Also describes how Congressional legislation and Executive directives have modified and refined these roles and current issues.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Argentina: Background and U.S. Relations

Provides background on the political and economic situation in Argentina, the current status of negotiations to repay creditors, and relations with the U.S.   From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Foreign Relations of the United States, 1981-1988, Volume III, Soviet Union, January 1981-January 1983

Categories: Afghanistan,Civil/Human Rights,Communism,Energy,Foreign Affairs,NATO,Russia

The first of four Soviet bilateral volumes in the Reagan series. Highlights of the volume include the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Soviet human rights abuses, tensions over Soviet plans to construct a Siberian gas pipeline to Western Europe and NATO’s “Dual Track Decision.” From the State Department


Atrocities Prevention Report

Describes targeting of and attacks against civilians, including members of religious and ethnic groups, in the Middle East and Burma. Includes specific discussion of actions in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Burma, and U.S. government responses. From the State Department


State of Global Partnerships Report 2016

Categories: Foreign Affairs

Describes ten public-private partnerships that help the department meet strategic priorities. From the Department of State


Virtual Reading Room, Clinton Email Documents

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Govt Information,Headlines,Telecommunications/Internet

Site now contains 30,000+ emails from the former Secretary of State’s time in office when she used a private email server. Last batch added on February 29, 2016. From the State Department


Declassified CIA and Henry Kissinger State Department Records

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Govt Information

Announcement about the availability to researchers of 40,000 pages of newly declassified records from the collection of former Secretary of State (and William and Mary Chancellor) Henry Kissinger’s government papers. Unfortunately the material is not available online. From the National Archives and Records Administration


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