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Regulation of Drones

Surveys the rules that apply to the operation of civilian drones in thirteen countries and the European Union including concerns about public safety, privacy, and national security. From the Law Library of Congress


Brexit: Some Legal and Constitutional Issues and Alternatives to EU Membership

Categories: European Union,Foreign Trade/Investment,Great Britain

Considers the process by which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, related legal and constitutional issues, and such alternatives to EU membership as the European Free Trade Association or a proposed Anglosphere arrangement.  House of Commons Library Briefing Paper Number 07214


European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2016

Categories: Crime/Justice,European Union,Statistics,Terrorism

Latest annual report which provides a review of the failed, foiled, and successful terrorist attacks that took place within the European Union during 2015.  Includes chapters on Jihadist, ethno-nationalist and separatist, left-wing and anarchist, and right-wing terrorism, statistical annexes, and a section on new legislation aimed at terrorism prevention in EU countries.  From Europol


Brexit: What Happens Next?

Categories: European Union,Great Britain,Headlines

Answers a series of questions following the British vote to exit the European Union such as what will happen in the coming months, will immigration be affected, what are the options for Scotland, and will EU law still have effect in the UK?  Also provides links to many related reports.  House of Commons Library Briefing Paper Number 07632


Refugee Law and Policy

Describes the law and policy on refugees and other asylum seekers in 22 countries and the European Union.  Includes laws and regulations governing the admission of refugees, processes for handling them, assistance provided to them, requirements for naturalization, and whether policies have been affected by recent emergencies.  From the Law Library of the Library of Congress


A Short Guide to the EU Referendum

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,European Union,Great Britain

Might change if Britain votes to remain, what the impact of withdrawal might be,  House of Commons Library Briefing Paper Number 07591


Open Digital Science: Final Study Report

Categories: European Union,Science/Technology

Describes new and open practices in science, research and innovation that make extensive use of digital technologies.  Explores whether radically different scientific practices based on digital technologies are emerging, what they consist of, and how they are changing the relation of science and society.  Focuses on six futuristic scenarios to depict impact of new practices.  From the European Commission


All European Scientific Articles to be Freely Accessible by 2020

Categories: European Union,Science/Technology

Press release about outcome of meeting of European Union Competitiveness Council in Brussels in May 2016 that determined that scientific publications on the results of research supported by public funds must be freely accessible to everyone by 2020.  From the European Union


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