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Reading List on UK-EU Relations 2013-16: Reform, Renegotiation, Withdrawal

Categories: European Union,Great Britain,Treaties

Presents a list of readings including books, journal articles, law blogs, news articles, press releases, official publications and more on the topic.  House of Commons Library Briefing Paper Number 07220


EU Referendum: The Process of Leaving the EU

Categories: European Union,Great Britain

Looks at some of the issues likely to confront the United Kingdom during a withdrawal process from the European Union.  Covers the withdrawal process, the status of the UK during the process, transitional arrangements, and the future relationship with Europe.  House of Commons Briefing Paper CBP-7551


European Union: Prime Ministers’ Speeches and Party Manifestos Since 1970

Categories: European Union,Great Britain,Treaties

Outlines key statements and speeches made by British Prime Ministers on the question of Britain’s membership in the European Union plus extracts from party political manifestos since 1970.  House of Lords Library Note 2016-0015


Fact Sheet: EU-Turkey Agreement

Categories: European Union,Headlines,Immigration/Migration,Syria,Turkey\

Provides a question and answer format to explain the deal between the European Union and Turkey to end irregular migration of refugees from Syria to Europe and provide incentives for Turkey to house the refugees. From the European Commission


EU and Turkey Agree [on] European Response to Refugee Crisis

Categories: European Union,Headlines,Immigration/Migration,Syria,Turkey

Presents details of agreement between the European Union nations and Turkey on the treatment of Syrian refugees trying to reach Europe. From the European Commission


Record Number of Over 1.2 Million First Time Asylum Seekers Registered in 2015

Categories: Arab,Civil/Human Rights,European Union,Headlines,Immigration/Migration,Statistics

Provides statistics on the number and origin of refugees seeking asylum in European Union countries during 2015. From Eurostat


Exiting the EU: Impact in Key UK Policy Areas

Categories: European Union,Great Britain,Headlines,Treaties

Examines how leaving the European Union would affect various areas of British life including the economy, employment, agriculture, the environment, immigration, and other areas. House of Commons Briefing Paper Number 07213


Exiting the EU: UK Reform Proposals, Legal Impact and Alternatives to Membership

Categories: European Union,Great Britain,Headlines,Treaties

Describes the background leading to the referendum, British proposals for reform, the implications for the United Kingdom of leaving the European Union, the pros and cons of EU membership, and alternatives to EU membership. House of Commons Briefing Paper Number 07214


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