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Making the U.S. Federal Budget: Process and Hazards

Categories: European Union,Govt Finance,Laws/Regulations

A European view of how the U.S. budgeting process works. From the European Parliament Think Tank


Safeguarding Biological Diversity

Categories: Animals/Wildlife,Environment,European Union,Natural Resources

Provides an overview of the state of biological diversity in the European Union and globally, including the causes of biodiversity decline and the rationale for protecting it.  Also covers EU achievements and failures in the area of biodiversity.   From the European Parliament Think Tank


Antitrust Commission Sends Statement of Objections to Google on Comparison Shopping Service

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Antitrust/Monopoly,European Union,Headlines,Laws/Regulations

Press release with links to documents related to European Commission antitrust investigation of Google for allegedly abusing its position as the dominant search engine in the European Union.  From the European Commission


Factsheet on EU Security Measures in Civil Airliners

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,European Union,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Transportation

Covers the current rules regarding crew members in the cockpit, pending legislation relating to medical fitness of airline pilots,  safety and security rules for cockpit doors, and other matters related to the recent downing of the German plane.  From the European Commission


Higher Education in the EU: Approaches, Issues, and Trends

Categories: Education-Higher,European Union

Describes what European universities are doing to attract a larger share of international students.  From the European Parliamentary Research Service


Parameters for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Nuclear Program

Categories: Arms Control,Energy,European Union,Foreign Affairs,Headlines,Iran,Nuclear Arms,Nuclear Energy

Lists key provisions of the agreement between Iran, the European Union, and the P5+1 in which Iran agreed to limit its nuclear development program in exchange for sanctions relief.  From the State Department


Energy Union Package: A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,European Union

Calls for an integrated European energy market based around five dimensions to meet the challenge of shifting to a low-carbon economy.  From the European Commission


EU’s Opposition to the Death Penalty

Categories: Births/Deaths,Crime/Justice,European Union,Laws/Regulations

The death penalty is prohibited by law in all member states of the European Union.  This brief document traces the prohibition against capital punishment to various founding documents of the EU.  From the European Parliamentary Research Service


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