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The Emissions Gap Report 2014: A UNEP Synthesis Report

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Science/Technology,United Nations

Examines whether the pledges of carbon emissions limitations made by countries are on track to meet the internationally agreed upon 2 degree Centigrade target.  Argue for a halving of all greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century followed by movement toward carbon neutrality and net zero total greenhouse gas emissions by century’s end.  From the UN Environment Programme


President Obama’s November 2014 Visit to China: The Bilateral Agreements

Reviews the major agreements on limiting greenhouse gas emissions, products to be covered under a new information technology agreement, a military confidence building measure to reduce military tensions, and extension of student, business, and tourist visas.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


International Climate Change Financing: The Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Categories: Climate Change,Congress,Environment,Govt Finance,United Nations

Discusses mechanisms for aiding developing countries in their climate change activities and focuses on the proposed United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Green Climate Fund.  Reviews operational details that would need to be clarified and the role a skeptical Congress might have to play.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Keystone XL Pipeline: Overview and Recent Developments

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations

Reviews the economic, energy, and environmental controversies surrounding the proposed pipeline project and recent developments involving litigation and permit reviews. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


The State of Recycling in Hampton Roads

Categories: Business/Economics,Environment,Virginia Issues,Waste Management

Provides an overview of recycling in the Hampton Roads region—from the municipalities that provide the curbside service to the businesses that collect, sort, and re-sell the materials.  Also provides information on the jobs created and the economic impact.  From AskHRgreen,org and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commision


Free Trade Agreements: Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Should Continue to Improve Its Monitoring of Environmental Commitments

Categories: Environment,Foreign Trade/Investment,Treaties

Examines the extent to which 20 countries involved with the U.S. in Free Trade Agreements are living up to provisions relating to protection of the environment and how well U.S. agencies are enforcing those provisions. From the Government Accountability Office


Effect of Sea Level Rise on Energy Infrastructure in Four Major Metropolitan Areas

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Urban Issues

Covers New York, Houston, Miami, and Los Angeles to help establish a baseline understanding of the specific threat SLR poses to coastal energy infrastructure.  From the Energy Department


U.S. and China Announce Important New Actions to Reduce Carbon Pollution

Categories: China,Climate Change,Environment,Headlines,Presidency,Science/Technology

Presents a summary of actions announced by China and the U.S. to control carbon emissions in the post 2020 period.  From the White House


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