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Groundbreaking Land Cover Data to Support Chesapeake Bay Restoration Efforts

Categories: Chesapeake Bay,Environment,Federal State Relations,Maps/Geography,Natural Resources,Virginia Issues

Announces the completion of the Chesapeake Bay High Resolution Land Cover Project to improve information about the features of the Bay watershed landscape.  Enhances evaluation efforts on progress toward reducing the amount of pollution flowing into the Bay.  From the Chesapeake Bay Program


Statement Regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Categories: Energy,Environment,Headlines,Native Americans

Press release calling for additional discussion and analysis following review of the environmental consequences of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline across Lake Oahe.  Blocks any further construction until a final determination on whether to grant an easement is made.  From the Army Corps of Engineers.


Hampton Roads Regional Water-Quality Monitoring Program

Categories: Chesapeake Bay,Environment,Natural Resources,Virginia Issues

Describes the water quality monitoring program launched by the USGS in partnership with the Hampton Roads Sanitation District to determine the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended solids added to the Chesapeake Bay by the Hampton Roads communities.  From the U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2016-3095


National Lakes Assessment 2012 Results

Categories: Environment,Maps/Geography,Natural Resources,Statistics

Reports on the results of a 2012 national assessment of the condition of lakes and reservoirs in the U.S. (released in December 2016).  Includes the text of the public and technical reports, key findings, regional results, and an interactive data dashboard.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


EPA’s National Lakes Assessment Finds Nutrient Pollution is Widespread in Lakes

Categories: Environment,Natural Resources

Press release which summarizes results of a national assessment of U.S. lake conditions.  Finds that 4 out of 10 suffer from excess nitrogen and phosphorus.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


EPA Names First Chemicals for Review Under New TSCA Legislation

Categories: Environment,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations

Identifies the first 10 chemicals to be evaluated for potential risks to human health and the environment under the authority of the revised Toxic Substances Control Act.  Risk evaluations for these chemicals will need to be completed within three years of the date of their publication in the Federal Register.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


Energy and Air Pollution

Categories: Energy,Environment,Maps/Geography,Statistics,United Nations

The number of worldwide deaths attributed to air pollution annually exceeds those from tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and road accidents combined.  This World Energy Outlook Special Report presents a clean air scenario for pushing air pollution levels into a steep decline in all countries.   Includes profiles for major countries and world regions.  From the International Energy Agency


Renewable Fuel Standard: Program Unlikely to Meet Its Targets for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Transportation

The Renewable Fuel Standards program mandates that domestic transportation fuels be blended with increasing volumes of biofuels through 2022 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand the renewable fuels sector.  This report casts doubt on whether the RFS will meet its goals due to limited production of advanced biofuels. From the Government Accountability Office


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