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Brazil: Political and Economic Situation and U.S. Relations

Categories: Brazil,Drug Trafficking,Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment

Describes current political and economic situation of Brazil and recent strains in Brazil-U.S. relations due to alleged National Security Agency activities inside Brazil.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Petroleum Refining: Industry’s Outlook Depends on Market Changes and Key Environmental Regulations

Categories: Business/Economics,Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment,Laws/Regulations

Examines recent legal and regulatory changes that have affected the petroleum refining industry and the future of the industry, including domestic consumption levels and demand from foreign markets.  From the Government Accountability Office


Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Science/Technology,United Nations


The third of three working group reports which form the Fifth Assessment Report on climate change.  Asserts that global emissions of greenhouse gases grew more quickly between 2000 and 2010 than in each of the three previous decades and that only major institutional and technological change can limit the increase in global mean temperature to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.  From the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Task Force Report on FracFocus 2.0

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Energy,Geology/Mining

Recommends actions that will improve the effectiveness of the public disclosure of chemical additives used in the fracking process for unconventional gas production.  Calls for full disclosure of constituents of fracturing fluids despite claims of trade secrets exemptions.  From the Department of Energy


U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Proved Reserves, 2012

Categories: Energy,Maps/Geography,Statistics

Latest update on U.S. energy reserves in text and tables.  Reports an increase of proved reserves of 15.4% in 2012 from 2011 figures.  From the Energy Information Administration


Annual Energy Outlook 2014

Categories: Energy,Statistics

A partial release with more data to follow.  From the Energy Information Administration


Net Energy Imports in 2013 Lowest in More than 20 Years

Categories: Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics

Shows trend line for net energy imports from 1985 to date.  From the Energy Information Administration


Climate Action Plan: Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment

Summarizes the sources of methane and trends in emissions, proposes a plan to reduce domestic and international methane emissions through incentive-based programs, and outlines efforts to improve measurement of these emissions.  From the White House


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