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Conflicts of Interest and the Presidency

Categories: Business/Economics,Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Presidency

Brief study on whether there are legal requirements that a U.S. president relinquish his/her control of business interests while serving in the office.  Includes a history of presidential practices and a paragraph on issues in the 2016 election.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Presidential Elections: Vacancies in Major-Party Candidacies and the Position of President-Elect

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Presidency

Considers what would happen if a candidate for president or vice-president were to die or leave the ticket between the national convention and the election or between the election and inauguration day.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists

Categories: Elections/Campaigns

Select the state and then follow directions to register.  From




Referendum Campaign Literature

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Elections/Campaigns,Great Britain

In the wake of complaints about the distribution of misleading information during the Brexit referendum, this paper looks at the regulation of campaign literature in the United Kingdom and other countries.  House of Commons Library Briefing Paper Number 7678


Ad Data

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Elections/Campaigns

Contains filings on ad buys by political organizations submitted to the Federal Communications Commission by broadcasting organizations around the country. Allows the public to track each station’s contracts and filings as they pertain to candidates, super PACS, and related groups running political and issue ads.  From the FCC and



Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Great Britain,Laws/Regulations

Provides background to the increasing use of referendums worldwide to settle constitutional issues and to the holding of referendums in the United Kingdom like the Brexit vote.  Also provides information on the use of thresholds, the administration and regulation of referendums, and includes a table of all such votes in Britain to date.  House of Commons Library Briefing Paper Number 7692.


FBI Releases Documents in Hillary Clinton E-Mail Investigation

Press release announcing public availability of the summary of Hillary Clinton’s July 2016 interview with FBI officials concerning allegations that classified information was improperly stored/transmitted on a personal e-mail server.  Also includes a factual summary of the FBI investigation.  Contains links to text of documents in FBI’s Vault site. The documents released for public viewing represent only a portion of the material turned over to congressional committees. From the Federal Bureau of Investigation


How Can the Results of a Presidential Election be Contested?

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Federal State Relations,Latin America,Presidency

Brief discussion of the authority of states and the U.S. Constitution in matters of contested outcomes of a presidential election.   From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists



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