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Afghan Views of Government and Elections

Categories: Afghanistan,Elections/Campaigns

Explores the issue of political legitimacy and elections in Afghanistan and the increasing frustration with the National Unity Government. From the United States Institute of Peace


Political Stability in Afghanistan: A 2020 Vision and Roadmap

Categories: Afghanistan,Elections/Campaigns

Examines Afghanistan’s political future from the operation of the current National Unity Government agreement to parliamentary, district, and presidential elections and proposals for constitutional amendments.  From the United States Institute of Peace


The 2017 French Parliamentary Elections

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,European Union,France,Great Britain

British view of the results of the National Assembly elections, how these work and the functioning of the party system in the Assembly, and the challenges for President Macron’s government.  House of Commons Briefing Paper 8015.


Great Britain: General Election 2017: Results and Analysis

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Great Britain,Statistics

Summary information about the results of the 2017 election in which the Conservative Party captured 49% of the seats and Labor 40%. From the House of Commons Library


Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Prepared Remarks to the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Categories: Congress,Elections/Campaigns,Presidency,Russia

Prepared statement of the Attorney General on Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election of 2016. From the Justice Department


North Carolina v. Covington

Categories: African Americans,Elections/Campaigns,Supreme Court/courts

Latest court decision in the long-running North Carolina redistricting case. The Supreme Court vacated a District Court ruling that legislators elected in November 2016 in what the court considered to be racially gerrymandered districts would serve only one year and new elections would have to be held in November 2017.  From the Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute


James Comey Testimony Before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Categories: Congress,Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Presidency,Russia

Searchable video of the testimony of the former FBI director before the Senate panel on 6/8/17 regarding his conversations with the president about the investigation into Russian interference with the American election. From the C-SPAN Video Library


Cooper v Harris

5-3 decision of the Supreme Court that North Carolina used racial factors in an unconstitutional manner in drawing two Congressional districts after the 2010 Census.  From the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell University Law School


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