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Palliative and End of Life Care

Categories: Elderly,Great Britain,Health/Medical,Science/Technology

Covers the key components of palliative care, approaches to managing and standardizing care, and key challenges to providing high quality care.  From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology


2015 Medicare Part B Premiums and Deductibles to Remain the Same as Last Two Years

Categories: Elderly,Health Insurance,Medicare/Medicaid,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Agency press release which announces prices for Medicare Part B physicians’ services for 2015 which are set at $104.90 for those with income equal or less than $85,000.  From the Department of Health and Human Services


Fast Facts and Figures about Social Security, 2014

Categories: Elderly,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Current program information and data about the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Programs.  From the Social Security Administration


OASDI Beneficiaries by State and Zip Code, 2013

Categories: Disability,Elderly,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Presents basic program data on the number and type of beneficiaries and the amount of benefits paid in each state, Social Security field office, and zip code.  From the Social Security Administration


Differences in Adult Day Services Center Participant Characteristics by Center Ownership: United States 2012

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Statistics

Presents selected characteristics of participants  of adult day services centers in 2012 and compares those characteristics for participants in for-profit and nonprofit centers.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


Differences in Adult Day Services Center Characteristics by Center Ownership: United States, 2012

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Statistics

Presents and compares national estimates for characteristics of profit and nonprofit adult day service centers in 2012.  The majority of centers are nonprofit but for-profit centers have increased from 27% in 2010 to 40% of total in 2012.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


The Elder Justice Act: Background and Issues for Congress

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations

Provides a legislative history of the Elder Justice Act and summarizes elder justice provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


SSI Recipients by State and County, 2013

Categories: Disability,Elderly,Income/Poverty,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Provides information on the number of recipients of the Supplemental Security Income  program by state and county, their eligibility category, age, and the amount they receive in benefits.  From the Social Security Administration


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