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Older Adults: Federal Strategy Needed to Help Ensure … Delivery of Home and Community-Based Services and Supports

Categories: Elderly,Food/Nutrition,Medicare/Medicaid,Transportation,Welfare/Social Services

Reviews federal programs that allow older adults to age in their homes, how these services and supports are provided,  and agency efforts to coordinate such services. From the Government Accountability Office


Top Five Most Costly Conditions Among Adults Age 18 and Older, 2012….

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Mental Health,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Identifies the five most costly health conditions for adults and for elderly adults and provides cost figures for 2012.  From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Deaths from Unintentional Injury Among Adults Aged 65 and Over: United States, 2000-2013

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Statistics,Urban Issues

Describes trends in unintentional injury deaths among the elderly, highlighting differences by age, race, ethnicity, and urbanization for the five leading causes of injury death.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data: Part D Prescriber

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid,Statistics

A newly available public data set with information on the prescription drugs that individual physicians and other providers prescribed under Part D of the Medicare Program.  From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


Advance Directives: Information on Federal Oversight, Provider Implementation, and Prevalence

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations,Medicare/Medicaid,Religion/Ethics

Examines how the federal government oversees the use of patient advance directives by providers of patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid as required by the Patient Self Determination Act, what is known about the approaches used and challenges encountered, and what is known about the prevalence of advance directives and variations by provider types and patient demographics.  From the Government Accountability Office


2014 Annual Report of the State Board of Health

Categories: Elderly,Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Statistics,Virginia Issues$file/RD121.pdf

Includes discussion and statistics of such issues as access to health care, aging population, immunization, health disparities and environmental health in Virginia.  From the Virginia State Board  of Health


National Senior Investment Initiative

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Consumer Info/Protection,Elderly,Financial Crisis/Markets

Focuses on the types of securities purchased by senior investors, the suitability of recommended investments, the training of brokerage representatives, marketing and other aspects of how investment firms deal with seniors.  From the Securities and Exchange Commission


Older Women Workers and Economic Security

Categories: Elderly,Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Statistics,Women

Fact sheet which discusses the economic needs of older women, their sources of income, and the gender wage gap by race and ethnicity.  Also discusses factors behind lower wage outcomes for women and policy changes that could improve economic security for women.  From the Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor


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